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Anu Cherian

“I went from being extremely nervous, depressed and tensed to being positive, confident and back on my feet faster than I could imagine.”

I had an accident in December 2016, a few days before Christmas. A motorbike hit me and I suffered a tibial plateau fracture.

My biggest concern was not knowing if things would ever go back to normal. I was extremely nervous, depressed and tensed constantly. I began to realize that this was more of a mental battle than a physical one. That’s when I realized I needed a different kind of help – and I reached out to Maya. 

While working with her I began to feel more positive and confident. I felt supported and knowing that she was speaking from experience helped immensely. Slowly one by one she helped me overcome those mental roadblocks and that helped speed up my recovery. I finally felt that I was beginning to take charge of my recovery and I could make a difference to my healing.

My doctor was amazed at my speedy recovery and the range of movement I gained. Maya played such a huge role in it and I’m so grateful for her help. A few weeks ago I visited the beach for the first time after my accident. I was exhilarated to finally walk there without any problem. And the bonus is that she not only helped me with the recovery but with her help, I became healthier as well.

Nilufar Pulatova

“After losing my independence, I got my freedom back, and said goodbye to my fears and worries.”

I was checking a newly constructed site with my business partner in October when all of a sudden the floor collapsed. I fell from the 2nd floor and fractured my right femur and calcaneus.

In the first couple of months, I was in a lot of pain, not sleeping well, non-weight bearing and spending most of the time in the bed. If this wasn’t enough, I was also very emotional and I was constantly crying. I wanted to have my freedom back but instead, I was worried and anxious. I was afraid this injury would make me scared of life.

Maya’s kind, humble and caring approach made a huge difference in my recovery. After three months of her VIP coaching program, I’m walking mainly without a stick – which feels like flying to me! I said goodbye to the emotional breakdowns and the fear of pain and re-injuring myself.

With her help, I became more positive and optimistic about my future. I am now more focused and my clients can feel the difference as well. I am compassionate, forgiving and patient with myself and others. Plus, I finally moved back to my apartment after months of living with my parents!

Now I know that Injuries are not just a physical matter – they are a psychological thing which really needs to be handled to heal in the best possible way. I am really grateful for Maya’s help and thrilled about my progress.

Stephanie Penn

“I went from frustration and fear about my ankle recovery to 175 lbs deadlift and 8-mile hike.”

I broke my ankle by accidentally stepping off our moving van ramp the day my fiancé and I were moving. I ended with a trimalleolar fracture with dislocation. I’m a hiker and nature photographer and I really wanted to get better so I could hike again.

This ankle fracture really put my life on hold and changed my plans completely. I don’t think I have seen as many tears in the rest of my life combined as I have since the accident. It was hard. Really hard for me – both emotionally and mentally. The hardest thing was the fear of not being able to do the things I used to do in the outdoors and the fear that my ankle would get worse instead of better.

Maya’s help and guidance were so helpful in my recovery. Since I started working with her, I had so many breakthroughs: I deadlifted 175 lbs and I took my first “running” steps which was amazing because previously I could not run at all – I could not even get both feet to clear the ground. I am now able to pick up my little 47lb cousin and carry her around and I even started wearing heels again.

8 months and 8 days after my accident I did an 8-mile hike with my backpack. I was so grateful at the end of the hike and I was in tears of joy and relief. I can’t believe how far I have come!

Working with Maya has truly been a game changer for me and my recovery! I feel normal again.

Gala Jarc

“I went from being afraid and not believing in myself to full recovery and a 100km bicycle ride.”

I fell from a boulder while attempting to climb to the top of it and I ended up with a trimalleolar fracture of my right ankle.

At the beginning, everything looked easy but soon my feelings started to change – sometimes I was afraid I would always be crippled, then I was angry at myself, and there were times when I was also enjoying the excuse to lie in my bed all day and do nothing. Before I started working with Maya I had lots of fears, I did not believe in myself and I felt like I was not good enough. I was focusing on the negative too much.

Maya’s VIP program helped me to see things differently, to be more positive and present, and to believe in myself. I started learning to unconditionally love and accept myself. And now I’m more mindful, I allow to put myself first and I’m also more dedicated to my yoga practice.

I completed over a 100km bicycle ride while working with Maya and I’m now able to do everything I was doing before the accident.

Her experience and knowledge have been invaluable to me and Maya’s kindness and caring nature have really worked for me. I always felt understood and heard. The feeling of being in good hands helped me overcome my challenges so much easier. I am grateful for her knowledge and effort she puts into coaching and how thoroughly she does everything.

Working with Maya changed my recovery and life.

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