If you have suffered a physical injury, I will  empower  you
to recover with  confidence  so you can  heal  completely,
and live a joyful, happy and full life.

You’ve already talked to the doctors, maybe had an operation or two, you even work with a physiotherapist or other medical specialists that are helping your physical body.

But do you feel like everybody is just talking about the physical side and not enough about the emotional and mental struggles?

I know!

Everything that is happening in your conscious and subconscious mind affects your physical body and that’s why it’s necessary to take care of the mindset, emotions, and thoughts. There’s a connection that is much stronger than what you might know right now. And that is the mind-body connection.

Whatever is happening on the inside has a great potential to express itself on the outside – in this case: in your body.


Join hundreds of other injured women (and some men) in my free Injury Recovery BFFs Facebook Community. I created this group with a vision to offer injured souls a safe and positive place where they could find inspiration, hope, and a feeling that someone understands them.

If it’s time to only dip your toes into the healing water and address one specific area of your injury recovery, then check out these amazing Mindful Injury Recovery courses that have already helped hundreds of women around the world.

This is where true healing miracles happen. I’ve been in your shoes and I know how frustrating, frightening, painful and stressful this process can be. However, I also know how to release any fears, worries and doubts that are holding your recovery back. Here we will unleash your healing potential so that you can heal completely and live a joyful, happy and full life.

Happy  Clients

“The anxiety attacks had control over me and my recovery, and now I feel like my old bubbly self again.”

Maya is the biggest blessing! She taught me techniques to cope with anxiety attacks as they were happening. They started decreasing right from the start of our work together. As the anxiety attacks were decreasing, incredibly, the flexibility of my foot and ankle started increasing, so Maya’s mindful approach really improved my recovery.

Now I am less fearful and therefore can push myself more, physically. I have been able to enjoy social situations again without feeling anxious before going. I feel more positive and I worry less about what could happen. I have stopped crying daily!

I feel so lucky that I discovered Maya. She turned my life around and I will forever be grateful.

– Nicola Butler

“I went from being extremely nervous, depressed and tensed to being positive, confident and back on my feet faster than I could imagine.”

I was extremely nervous, depressed and tensed constantly after the accident. I realized I needed a different kind of help – and I reached out to Maya. While working with her I began to feel more positive and confident. I felt supported and knowing that she was speaking from experience helped immensely. Slowly one by one she helped me overcome those mental roadblocks and that helped speed up my recovery. I finally felt that I was beginning to take charge of my recovery and I could make a difference to my healing.

My doctor was amazed at my speedy recovery and the range of movement I gained. Maya played such a huge role in it and I’m so grateful for her help.

– Anu Cherian

“I went from being afraid and not believing in myself to full recovery and a 100km bicycle ride.”

At the beginning, everything looked easy but soon my feelings started to change – sometimes I was afraid I would always be crippled, then I was angry at myself, and before I started working with Maya I had lots of fears.

Maya helped me to see things differently. With her help I became more positive and present, and started believing in myself. I completed over a 100km bicycle ride while working with her and I’m now able to do everything I was doing before the accident.

Her experience and knowledge have been invaluable to me and Maya’s kindness and caring nature have really worked for me. I always felt understood and heard. Working with Maya changed my recovery and life.

– Gala Jarc

“I went from pain and awkward moving to walking without any limp or stiffness in just a few weeks.”

– Vilasi Venkatachalam

Hi. I’m Maya Novak…


I’ve never planned to be doing what I do now. However, looking back and connecting the dots, this is exactly where life was guiding me so that I was able to find my calling that I do with so much passion and love.

The study of veterinary medicine gave me insight into how the body works. My curiosity and study of nutrition gave me the understanding of the power of foods. And a rock-climbing accident and a fracture of the right ankle in 2012 that should have left me limping for the rest of my life led me to discover my true purpose in life. 

My passion for the mind-body connection and all my life experiences led me to create The Mindful Injury Recovery Method that helped me recover fully with ease and beyond anyone’s expectations.

And now this approach is helping injured women across the globe unleash their healing potential so that they can create outstanding recoveries for themselves as well.

I do believe that everything is possible and that everything happens for a reason. It is not a coincidence that our paths crossed.

Is it time for you to finally create an outstanding recovery and heal the way YOU want?


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