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There comes a time in your healing journey when you realize that the resources and guidance that you got from conventional medicine are not enough.

There are things that doctors or physiotherapists or any other medical professionals are very good at.
All things physical – when a bone is broken, they put it back in place and let it heal. When soft tissue is damaged, if necessary they stitch it together and let it heal. When you’re sick and need medication, you get a prescription and then go to a pharmacy. When you need to start rehabilitating your body, you are prescribed exercises and off you go.

But there’s one thing that they cannot heal.

You’re more than just your physical body.

There are parts of you that are invisible but need   the most healing  when it comes to physical trauma.

Your mental body.
Your emotional body.
Your spiritual body.

These get injured as well but cannot be treated as a physical body, and because of that they are completely forgotten about in the conventional approach to treating physical trauma.

This is the missing link – treating  all of them at once and healing on all levels at the same time is what helps you heal quickly and effortlessly.

This is what distinguishes an average recovery (at best) and healing beyond expectations.

And this is why…

The Mindful Injury Recovery Method
focuses on:

Mental Healing

Physical trauma has a big impact on how we think about injury and ourselves. You might have doubts about the whole process and sooner or later your mind fills up with negative thoughts that drag you down the spiral. This has a direct impact on your body and how it heals.

Emotional Healing

When it comes to an injury, negative emotions prevail. You’re afraid, sad, angry, frustrated, and as much as you’re putting a brave face on, it does affect you. Unresolved negative emotions don’t magically disappear, instead they get stored in the body, and keep blocking the healing and causing physical issues.

Spiritual Healing

When something so distressing as an injury occurs, you tend to start thinking, “Why me?” and “Why now?”.
Your injury might be something much more than just a matter of a physical accident – it might actually be a metaphor for something that needs your attention. Figuring out what it might be and resolving it helps you create a new healing space for your body.

Physical Healing

Focusing on all the aspects of recovery and healing on all the levels at once is what helps the body heal effortlessly. It’s a natural consequence because everything is connected, and so when you are healing your emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies, the physical body easily follows.

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Dr. Maya Novak, Mindful Healing Expert, Coach, and Mentor

Dr. Maya Novak is an internationally acclaimed mindful healing expert, the author of Heal Beyond Expectations (a #1 Amazon Best Seller in Injuries & Rehabilitation), and the host of The Mindful Injury Recovery Talks. She’s known for her unique approach to treating physical trauma—a blend of her medical background, extensive study and research into the mind-body-spirit-connection, and personal experience.

Her Mindful Injury Recovery Method was born when – after fracturing and dislocating her ankle due to a rock-climbing accident – she was told she would be limping and in pain for the rest of her life. That’s when she decided to seek an alternative route to the conventional medicine path.

As a result – and beyond any of her doctors’ expectations – she made a full recovery and upleveled her life in every area. Ever since, she’s made it her mission to use her unique approach to help women and men across the globe unleash their healing potential, so they can fully recover from their injuries and live a joyful, happy, and fulfilling life.

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My approach to healing is different and includes things that are rarely, superficially or not at all covered by the conventional medical approach but are oh so important for complete healing.

– Dr. Maya Novak, creator of the Mindful Injury Recovery Method