Turn your recovery dreams into a reality

What if it were possible for you to EXPERIENCE YOUR MOST DESIRED RECOVERY DREAMS this week, this month, this year?

Would you be interested in KNOWING HOW to do that?

Would you like to know how to heal in THE BEST POSSIBLE WAY?

Great! Because you’ve come to the right place.

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I know how devastating things can be.

I was in the hospital with a broken ankle and nervously waiting for the three doctors to decide what was going to happen next.

My CT scan didn’t look good. In fact, it sounded like they gave up on me, when one of them said that he is not even sure if the surgery would help me or not.

It was a terrible fracture, however, I never expected to hear those words.

My joint might be permanently damaged. They said that I would have problems with walking on uneven surfaces for the rest of my life. Chronic pain was most likely inevitable. Not to mention that “There is a possibility of your talus bone dying off so you might need extra operations that could be successful or not.”

I cried in despair. Luckily, they changed their minds and in the end I had the surgery, but they weren’t extremely optimistic about my future.

And that’s why my outstanding recovery is a mystery and a miracle for so many.

Since my very first post about my recovery, I’m getting emails every week saying: ″I’m so impressed with your story. I wish my recovery could be as good as yours.″

The thing is that I am no different than you. I do not have any extra powers or hidden weapons, however, there is something. There is something that a lot of injured women and men struggle with.

Being in charge. Being in charge of your own recovery.

The one thing that definitely helped me go beyond anyone’s expectations is mastering my mind and thoughts.

I found the way to gently guide my body to where I wanted it to go.

That’s how I went FROM “You will have problems with walking on uneven surfaces for the rest of your life,” TO running on the red carpet and finishing long-distance triathlon races with no problems at all.

And here is the thing. This type of ‘miracle’ is possible for you too.

How do I know that, you ask?

I’ve been watching my clients for years now and they are all achieving way more, way faster than they have ever imagined they could or would. With the help of a powerful technique that completely transformed my recovery and life as well.

So far I was only teaching healing visualization to my private clients who are getting ah-amazing results with it.


Healing Visualization Mastery

The course that will help you turn your recovery dreams into a reality.

masterclass #1

The first masterclass is all about setting some important foundations to help you understand the principles behind healing visualization and amazing recovery. I also share with you a POWERFUL exercise that shows how incredibly quickly your body follows whatever you put your mind into.

masterclass #2

Wondering how to really make this happen?

This session is about this. How to visualize. How many times per day. When is the best time to do it for the best results. How to decide what to visualize. And so much more…

masterclass #3

In this masterclass, I share with you 9 amazing healing boosting tools. Whatever you use on the outside helps you create the feeling on the inside. And the feeling is what matters the most. When what you think and what you feel are aligned – that’s when the ‘miracles happen’.

You  will  learn  and  master :

What is healing visualization and how it works

How to practice it correctly so that you avoid all the mistakes that can prevent you from healing the way you want

Why intentions and visualization don’t work for some and how to make sure they do for you

What time of the day is best for healing visualization so that you will achieve and experience your desires super fast

How to connect with your healing power and finally be in charge of your recovery

How to absolutely and completely believe in your outstanding recovery even though it feels light years away

How to use some of the most amazing boosting tools so that you can really heal in the best possible way

One easy payment of $147


You can have all the theory in the world but until you start implementing it, it is useless. During the masterclasses, I will give you short and powerful assignments, and you will also get workbooks that will help you master all of this even faster. 

You will start with the healing visualization from the moment you join. Not only you will master the process of outstanding healing that will help you recover the way YOU want, there are also 9 powerful healing visualizations waiting for you.

You will make some great steps forward and whenever you feel that you need a quick memory refresher you will be able to go back and watch all the videos again. When you sign up you get lifetime access to all replays, workbooks, and bonuses.

One easy payment of $147

Yes, you can join this amazing experience and keep all the recordings for life for just $147.

And because I am totally committed to helping you recover in the best possible way, I will also add some healing bonuses.


9  Powerful  Healing  Visualizations

The visualizations that will get you from “I hope I recover” to “It’s absolutely possible for me to heal the way I want”. Taking your healing power back means to heal like YOU want and deserve! (value of each $47)

‘Design Your Recovered Future’ Visualization

‘Your Healing Protection’ Visualization

‘Action For Reaction’ Visualization

‘Yes, I Can Do It Now’ Visualization

‘Restore It With Ease And Love’ Visualization

‘Your Future Invitation’ Visualization

‘From Aching To Soaring’ Visualization

‘Wash Your Healing Worries Away’ Visualization

‘I Allow It’ Visualization

One easy payment of $147

Perfect healing happens when your mind starts leading your body and not the other way around.

Your Questions Answered – FAQ

1. Is this course specific to any type of injury?

No. It really doesn’t matter what kind of injury you have because here we are not talking about physical exercises. This course is about gently guiding your body to where you want it to go with the help of the powerful healing visualization.

2. How can you be sure this course will help me?

I cannot guarantee you any results, however, if you commit to the work and necessary changes, I am positive that you will see them. You can have an outstanding recovery – and I am not talking just from my personal experience but from years of working with clients privately and admiring their amazing transformations.

One easy payment of $147

*The prices on the website are in US dollars. All sales are final.

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