From Injured To Ultimate Empowerment

6 weeks to changing your recovery and life in a way you never thought was possible for you

Are you ready to LEAVE BEHIND everything that stands between you and your outstanding recovery,

UPGRADE your healing power in the next few weeks

so that you can really RECOVER THE WAY YOU WANT,

and change your life in ways you never thought were possible for you?

And are you at that moment of your life when you know that your injury was the last straw and now you are absolutely READY TO GROW YOUR WINGS?


You came to the right place at the right time, gorgeous!

I remember lying in the hospital bed and the doctor standing by my feet. He was just explaining all the things that could go wrong with my recovery.

It’s true that both me and Jerry interrupted him at one point and asked him to tell us the best case scenarios. I really didn’t get any from him.

And even though I tried to be as optimistic as possible about my future, I was still left with uncertainty and a gazillion questions that started with ″What if…″.

Every stage came with a new type of fear. And with a new type of anxiety.

I also remember being teary the whole week before my first physio appointment. I’m not exaggerating if I say that I was scared to death. I was mostly scared of pain and in my mind, things looked more like a scene from a medieval torture book than going to a PT in the 21st century.

I know very well that every level brings a new devil.

Does this sound familiar?

You are afraid that something as big as this injury can happen to you again. Your brain is telling you “don’t be silly” but your heart feels heavy.

You feel a tightness in your chest when thinking about moving your body again or more. You feel a knot in your throat and ask yourself “But what if…?”

You want to be active again. You want to be happy again. You want to forget about this and just live freely.

You want to have control over your body but right now you feel like some dark shadow is actually controlling your life.

You want to move but you feel stuck and almost paralyzed. You want to do the next step but when you are in that situation your body freezes and gets tense. Then you feel more pain.

You want this to be over but you don’t know HOW you’re gonna get there. Some say ″Just wait and things will improve″. But you don’t want to wait and just hope that things will unravel.

You might notice that this fear has also slowly started controlling your (everyday) life. You are starting to be afraid of the things that in the past you didn’t think of at all – like taking a shower or walking down the street.

Life is becoming more challenging…

Yes, this is exactly how I felt many times.

But do you want to know the good news?

The good news is that it is actually possible to change the way you feel forever in a matter of minutes.

It is also possible to change the way you think in a really short period of time.

Do you want to know what is actually happening inside you?

Your body is constantly eavesdropping to the messages (inner talk, feelings, vibration) you are sending out all the time.

So when you change your thoughts, release negative emotions and put yourself in a higher vibration – this is when the recovery ‘miracles’ start happening.

This is when you see changes in your body even though you haven’t changed the amount of exercises you are doing.


This is when you can go beyond what others think is possible for you.


This is when you truly recover the way YOU want.


And this is when you grow your wings and go from injured to empowerment.

Are you ready to do this?



From Injured To Ultimate Empowerment

6 weeks to changing your recovery and life in a way you never thought was possible for you

It is time for taking A LEAP OF COURAGE and going From Injured To Ultimate Empowerment – 6 weeks to upgrade your healing, change your life and grow your wings so that your outstanding recovery can happen WITH EASE and A SMILE ON YOUR FACE.

Here are the details about this recovery-shaking VIP 1-on-1 program with me which will help you heal in the best possible way.

The door closes and bonuses disappear in:

Why, you ask? Because…

Here is what we are gonna do by the end of the year so that 2019 can be absolutely fantastic for you:

THIS: I will personally review your recovery so far and help you see the blind spots in your progress that are making your healing difficult right now.
THIS: We will go through cutting-edge healing strategies – the ones that are unheard of in conventional medicine, and the results of which are brushed off as miracles and luck. You, my darling, will create incredible shifts and the results will be manifested in your body.
THIS: We will dissolve any and all recovery fears and worries so that your body can bathe in healing energy throughout the day, every day, and do what it knows best – heal in the best possible way. You will be releasing healing molecules and hormones and that, gorgeous, makes a whole lot of difference in this game.
THIS: We will increase your healing vibration very FAST. Because, gorgeous, perfect healing happens when your mind and your energy start leading your body and not the other way around. Just imagine having unshakable trust in yourself and knowing how to bounce back from this injury with ease.
THIS: For six weeks, you will have me in your corner while healing like a pro, making shifts and doing incredible steps forward. Your body will thank you for it – every single day.



x 1  Ultimate  Empowerment    V I P   Day

The VIP Day with me includes three 90-min calls with 20 to 30-minute breaks in between, and it is customized to you and your recovery needs. This is where the incredible shifts are going to start happening for you.

You, me, and a ton of guidance that will completely transform your recovery journey.

x 2   Ultimate  Empowerment   Sessions

Powerful private coaching sessions (50 min each) where you will be raising your healing consciousness and installing the ultimate empowerment. We will dive deep into the energetics of your mindset and recovery.

x 1   Energetic  Empowerment   Session

I am totally committed to helping you recover in the best possible way and keep your healing vibration high. In this energetic session (approx 30 min) you will be implementing high vibrational healing strategies for your outstanding recovery.

x 1   Ultimate  Celebration  Call

You will upgrade your recovery and life big time, experience incredible shifts and the outstanding recovery will be in the palm of your hand. We will celebrate all of your achievements BIG style – we will talk, laugh, sing, dance, virtually hug and acknowledge everything that you have accomplished. Excited?

x 6   Weeks  Of  Unlimited  Private  Support

You get six weeks of unlimited private Messenger support Monday to Friday from me (txt + short calls if needed) – so that you feel completely at ease and get my extra help and guidance on any little thing.

The door closes and bonuses disappear in:

In other words…

Through this intensive 1-on-1 VIP program From Injured To Ultimate Empowerment, you will:

Take ownership of your recovery and be utterly empowered – YES and DONE

Have your fears and worries dissolved – YES and DONE

Be at ease and feel joyful on a daily basis – YES and DONE

Know exactly what to do to speed up your recovery and heal in the best possible way – YES and DONE

Have incredible healing tools at your fingertips and make incredible shifts – YES and DONE

Address and resolve ″Why me’s and ″I don’t know how’s″YES and DONE

Have unshakable trust into your recovered future – YES and DONE


And because I am totally committed to helping you recover in the best possible way, I will also add


x 2   Perfect  Healing  On  Steroids  Sessions

No stone will stay unturned and no question unanswered. In these turbocharged sessions (approx 50 min each) you will be implementing strategies for outstanding healing.

When you put all the learnings into the practice that is WHEN the recovery miracles start happening. You, me, and a ton of hands-on work. (value $500)

x 1   Pick – Me – Up  Unlimited  Access

Our work together will be intense and rewarding, but I know one thing. Once we are finished, you might still have days when doubts or negative thinking creep in. You will need reminders of how to switch in an instant and that’s when having me just one click away will make a lot of difference.

You will get unlimited access to all of my online courses and have me on standby whenever you need me. (value: $478)

The door closes and bonuses disappear in:


Why are there no prices listed? Because I like to assess if a person is a good fit for the program before we talk about practicalities. It’s totally free if it’s not exactly right for you.

So if this is calling you, I’d love to have a chat and see if you can get a value out of it and if you are the right match. And then we can discuss the pricing.

Sounds good? Great!

Book your call below.

Am I the right coach for you?

  • I’ve been right where you are and I know how to get you back to normal in the fastest possible way.
  • I know what is going on in your mind and I know how to change this.
  • I understand the daily struggles and frustration and I know how to stay positive, motivated and release what is holding your recovery back.
  • I completely recovered from a fracture that is supposed to be impossible to overcome. By analyzing my recovery and by having already helped dozens of VIP clients overcome their traumas, I know what makes all the difference in the outcome, and how to recover faster.

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