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Travel Like Nothing Ever Happened

with Maya Novak

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Have you injured yourself and are now facing travel again?

Traveling for the first, second, or even fifth time after a serious injury is very different than when you traveled before your accident. There tends to be more discomfort and swelling, but also more nervousness and fear. And when you arrive and think that everything is over, there’s the after-effect. Negative side effects and discomfort can sometimes persist for days after the actual trip.

But there are  tricks  that will transform this nightmare into the most  pleasant  experience for you.

I’ve been sharing these exact tips with my private clients for years now and they all experience less swelling, less pain, less frustration, less anxiety, less fear, less you-name-it.

I don’t want to brag –  but for many, ‘less’ actually means ‘non-existent’.

In this powerful live masterclass you will learn:

 How to prepare yourself before the trip for the least swelling and discomfort.

Things to do to prepare mentally and emotionally so that instead of feeling “I’m so nervous and scared,” you’ll be smiling ear to ear and at the end, you’ll say “OMG, I cannot wait to do it again. It was so easy and I feel amazing!”

What to do on the flight/trip to avoid the unpleasant after-effect so many people experience.

Best practices after the trip that will help you enjoy the new environment without feeling sore and ‘blah’ (or perhaps you’re going back home – which means more happy times with your family and friends)

And so much more

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Meet  your  host

Maya Novak is an internationally renowned Mindful Healing Expert who helps courageous women who physically injured themselves and empowers them to heal their bodies and lives from the inside out with confidence and ease.

Her Mindful Injury Recovery Method was created after she terribly fractured and dislocated her ankle and was told she would be limping and in pain for the rest of her life. That could have happened, however, she decided to approach her healing differently.

As a result, she recovered beyond anyone’s expectations, upleveled her life in areas and ways most people only dream of, and now this approach is helping women across the globe unleash their healing potential so they can heal completely and live a joyful, happy and full life.


$120 USD

to frustration-, pain- and swelling-free traveling

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Frequently  asked  questions

No, it is not necessary, however, I encourage you to join us live. The masterclass will be recorded and you’ll get access to the recording within a couple of hours after the session finishes.

You also get lifetime access so you’ll be able to watch it as many times as you want to.

Absolutely! This is the beauty of live sessions. There will be more than enough time to answer all and any questions you have on the topic.

If you’re unable to join us live, you can submit your questions in advance and get the answer when you watch the recorded playback.

A lot of people get nervous when it comes to flying – especially longer flights. However, most of the tips and tricks that I’ll share in this information-packed masterclass apply to any type of traveling (car, bus, train…) where you can expect to be sitting for anywhere from 1-2 to 12+ hours – not just flying.

*Your ticket also includes replay and lifetime access