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Going From Hopeless To Hopeful And Dancing Again – Virginia’s Incredible Healing Transformation

Everything started a few months ago, when Virginia contacted me. By then, she’d been a part of my group Injury Recovery BFFs for a few weeks and I noticed her dedication to her healing.

However, there was a part of her that was slowly but surely realizing that what she was doing was not enough. And what she heard about recovery from doctors and PTs was just a fraction of what was truly needed for her to heal the way she wanted. Not just physically, but emotionally as well.

Because truth be told, when you struggle emotionally you also struggle physically and/or mentally. When you struggle physically you also struggle mentally and/or emotionally. And when you struggle mentally you also struggle physically and/or emotionally.

Even though she’s a mental health professional she knew that what she does for her clients she wouldn’t be able to give herself, because when we are in distress, we can have incredible knowledge and theory, but our mind doesn’t work in the same way than when nothing affects us.

I had the privilege to watch her go from fear and contraction to amazing recovery and healing her past and life.

So in this short interview she shares how she went from hopeless to hopeful and started dancing again – something that seemed impossible for her for a long time.

Tune in… 

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