The Mindful Injury Recovery

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A holistic approach to injury recovery that changes lives.

Every hour, over 100.000 people get injured as a result of an accident. This can be as little as cutting your finger while making dinner for the family, to being in a horrible car accident while driving home from work or a party.

Not all injuries require medical help, but for many people that one tiny moment changes their lives forever, and the conventional medical approach is not enough anymore.

It doesn’t cover the important aspects that can make or break a recovery.

Treating physical trauma in the traditional way means that injuries are viewed as mechanical damage that only requires mechanical treatment.

Unfortunately, this causes people to suffer longer unnecessarily, and with more pain than ever before.

The conventional medical approach doesn’t work for everybody, and it’s letting you and others down.

An injury recovery journey is one of the hardest things a person can do.

It’s not only the body that is physically mending, which requires energy, there are processes happening internally – deep in the mind and soul – that are invisible but have an incredible impact on how the body heals.

Time is all you have and any of us who’ve been injured know that physical trauma doesn’t resolve itself within a week or two.

The longer the recovery and the more serious the injury, the more important it is to approach your healing  holistically.

Your injured body part cannot be separated from the whole you, and that’s why you need to start treating physical trauma in a holistic way.

You need to go beyond the physical aspect of recovery, and shine the light on the mental, emotional, and spiritual sides as well.

How the summit started…

It all started as a simple idea of providing the best resources to people around the world who suffer from physical trauma.

So far, I’ve gathered 42 of the world’s top healing experts, held 48 in-depth interviews, and we’ve helped countless injured women and men world-wide.

With the experts that have joined me, including Dr. Bruce Lipton, Dr. Lissa Rankin, Dr. Dawson Church, Dr. Sue Morter, Dr. Jeffrey Thompson, Dr. Brooke Goldner, and others, we dove deep and way beyond the conventional approach with a very simple mission:

To inspire you and show you how you can truly recover from your physical injury quickly, effectively, and for good.

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