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Creating Outstanding Recovery Is Just The Beginning

4 weeks to heal the way you want, be utterly empowered and feel good day in and day out


$200 application fee applies 
(deductible from the program fee or 100% refundable if your application is unsuccessful)

Are you ready to LEAVE BEHIND everything that stands between you and your outstanding recovery,

UPGRADE your healing power in the next few weeks

so that you can really RECOVER THE WAY YOU WANT,

and change your life in ways you never thought were possible for you?

Then, Gorgeous…

You came to the right place at the right time!


I remember lying in the hospital bed with the doctor standing by my feet. He was just explaining all the things that could go wrong with my recovery.

But something felt so wrong about this – like someone was trying to cut off my wings and the healing power I possess. And when I asked him to tell me the best-case scenarios instead, I really didn’t get any from him.

And even though I tried to be as optimistic as possible about my future, I was still left with uncertainty and a gazillion questions that started with ″What if…″.

Every stage came with a new type of fear. And with a new type of anxiety.

I know very well that every new level brings a new devil your way.

Does this sound familiar?

You are afraid that something as big as this injury can happen to you again. Your brain is telling you “don’t be silly” but your heart feels heavy.

You feel a tightness in your chest when thinking about moving your body again or more. You feel a knot in your throat and ask yourself “But what if…?”

You want to be active and free. And you want to be happy.

You want to have control over your body and mind but right now everything that you do feels like 1 step forward 3 steps back. 

You want to move but you feel stuck and almost paralyzed. You want to do the next step but when you are in that situation your body freezes and gets tense. Then you feel more pain.

You want this to be over but you don’t know HOW you’re gonna get there. Some say ″Just wait and things will improve″. But you don’t want to wait and just hope that it will improve.

You might notice that this fear has also slowly started controlling your (everyday) life. You are starting to be afraid of the things that in the past you didn’t think of at all – like taking a shower or walking down the street.

Life is becoming more challenging…

Yes, this is exactly how I felt many times.


Are you ready for the good news?

The good news is that it is actually possible to change the way you feel forever, in an instant.

It is also possible to change the way you think and act in a matter of minutes.

And as a result…

your body starts to heal differently right away.

The tension is gone.

You start to experience less and less and less pain within days until it’s completely gone, forever.

You start progressing faster.

You heal better than the average person with the same injury.

You feel good day in and day out.

And yes, you go beyond expectations, all because you started doing something completely  different  than other injured people around you!


$200 application fee applies 
(deductible from the program fee or 100% refundable if your application is unsuccessful)

Your body is constantly eavesdropping to what is happening inside you (inner talk, feelings, vibrations), so when you change your thoughts, release negative emotions and put yourself in a higher vibration – everything changes.

In other words: changing your inner world will give you amazing recovery and you will uplevel your life with ease big time. It’s a double win!

This is when you see changes in your body even though you haven’t changed the amount of exercises you are doing.


This is when you go beyond what others think is possible for you. Including yourself.


This is when you truly recover the way YOU want.


And this is when you bounce forward in every aspect of your life.

How do I know this?

Because I’ve been in your shoes and went through every hurdle.

After my accident, I went through anxiety, deep depression, paralyzing fear, the frustration of not being ok and losing my independence, and my traumatic childhood experiences coming back to haunt me.

I knew that if I don’t change my inner world and my inner being, my body would never recover. I’d become just one of the average stories – at best.

Healing myself from the inside out with powerful techniques of the mindful healing approach I developed, unshakable trust, and a promise that if I got out of the hole I’d help others to do it as well, brought me to your life.

My VIP clients come from different walks of life, from stay-at-home moms and retired women, to mental health professionals, doctors, designers, and CEOs.

And one thing is for sure – it doesn’t matter who you are and where you’re coming from because incredible healing is possible for all, as long as you know how to unleash the healing power that you possess.

I’ve privately guided dozens of other incredible women who injured themselves thought the empowered healing process with ease and they not only healed in the most amazing ways but their lives improved tremendously as a result.

So are you ready to put yourself first, heal the way you want and become the woman you always knew you have the potential of becoming?


Here is your next healing step…



Creating Outstanding Recovery Is Just The Beginning

4 weeks to heal the way you want, be utterly empowered and feel good day in and day out

It is time to take A LEAP OF COURAGE and Turn this physical and emotional Pain Into Soaring – 4 weeks to upgrade your healing, change your life and grow your wings so that your outstanding recovery can happen WITH EASE and A SMILE ON YOUR FACE.

Here are the details about this healing-shaking VIP 1-on-1 program with me which will help you heal in the best possible way.

″I went from being hopeless and frustrated to hopeful and happy. And I dance again!″

I felt such relief when I found Maya because the information that I was getting from medical professionals was not adequate and there was no real guidance provided. During coaching, it was so evident that she had thought about things, and considered my unique situation. I felt heard, taken seriously, respected, and cared about.

With her help, I went from being hopeless to hopeful, as well as realizing what needs my attention in my life and resolve this in order for me to be truly happy. I changed my lifestyle, I am healthier and happier now, I’m hiking and I started dancing again – something that seemed impossible for a long time.

I’m deeply thankful for all of her guidance.

Virginia  C.

The door closes in:


$200 application fee applies 
(deductible from the program fee or 100% refundable if your application is unsuccessful)

Why, you ask? Because…

Here is what we are gonna do in 4 weeks so that the end of this year and the rest of your life can be absolutely fantastic for you:

THIS: I will personally review your recovery so far and help you see the blind spots in your progress that are making your healing difficult right now.
THIS: We will go through cutting-edge healing strategies – the ones that are unheard of in conventional medicine, and the results of which are brushed off as miracles and luck. You, my darling, will create incredible shifts and the results will be manifested in your body.
THIS: We will dissolve any and all fears, doubts, and worries so that your body can bathe in healing energy throughout the day, every day, and do what it knows best – heal in the best possible way. You will be releasing healing molecules and hormones and that, gorgeous, makes a whole lot of difference in this game.
THIS: We will increase your healing vibration very FAST. Because, gorgeous, perfect healing happens when your mind and your energy start leading your body and not the other way around. Just imagine having unshakable trust in yourself and knowing how to bounce forward from this injury with ease. And not just that – imagine improving every area of your life with ease as well.
THIS: For four weeks, you will have me in your corner while healing like a pro, making shifts and doing incredible steps forward. Your body will thank you for it – every single day.

And here’s how you will soar

(Aka, what’s included in your 4-week intensive coaching experience)

x 1  Welcome  questionnaire

A welcome questionnaire that will kick-start your transformative process and give you clarity on what exactly needs to be done to heal the way you want and uplevel your life.


x 1  Empowered  Healing  V I P   Day

This is an exclusive 1-day private online VIP intensive dedicated to empowered healing and creating rapid change.

It is here to help you experience incredible shifts so that you can, in a very short period of time, eliminate anything that stands in a way of amazing healing of your body and life. Think about stepping into a dark and very dusty room – and after you’re done with cleaning, it looks and feels like the most luxurious home that you’d do anything to live in. This will happen.

In two 90-minute and one 50-minute calls with 20 to 30-minute breaks in between, you’ll tap into the unlimited healing potential and create incredible shifts. The results will be manifested in your body in no time at all.

You, me, and a ton of guidance that will completely transform your healing journey.


x 2   Completely  Healed   Sessions

Powerful private coaching sessions (50 min each) where you will be raising your healing power and installing the soaring life. We will dive deep into the energetics of your mindset and recovery.


x 1   Energetic  Cure   Session

I am totally committed to helping you recover in the best possible way and keep your healing vibration high. In this energetic session (approx 30 min) you will be implementing high vibrational healing strategies for your outstanding recovery.


x 4   Weeks  Of  Unlimited  Private  Support

It’s all unicorns and rainbows until you find yourself emotionally and mentally on the floor, hoping for that feeling to go away as soon as possible. Seconds feel like hours and hours feel like centuries. And this doesn’t just affect your feelings – it gets physical as well. There is more pain – sometimes in places that weren’t sore before. Your body is screaming with you.

Now imagine having a solution at your fingertips. Imagine reaching out in these incredibly tough moments and within minutes the storm and the clouds are gone and you feel safe, at ease and with no (emotional, mental, physical) pain at all. How much would this be worth to you? From experience, I can tell you it’s priceless.

That is what you get – four weeks of unlimited private Messenger support Monday to Friday from me (txt + short calls if needed) – so that you feel completely at ease and get my extra help and guidance on any little thing.


$200 application fee applies 
(deductible from the program fee or 100% refundable if your application is unsuccessful)

The door closes in:

″The anxiety attacks had control over me and my recovery, and now I feel like my old bubbly self again.″

Maya is the biggest blessing! She taught me techniques to cope with anxiety attacks as they were happening. They started decreasing right from the start of our work together. As the anxiety attacks were decreasing, incredibly, the flexibility of my foot and ankle started increasing, so Maya’s mindful approach really improved my recovery.

Now I am less fearful and therefore can push myself more, physically. I have been able to enjoy social situations again without feeling anxious before going. I feel more positive and I worry less about what could happen. I have stopped crying daily!

I feel so lucky that I discovered Maya. She turned my life around and I will forever be grateful.

Nicola  Butler

In other words…

Through this intensive 1-on-1 VIP program Turning Pain Into Soaring, you will:

Take ownership of your recovery and be utterly empowered – YES and DONE

Have your fears and worries dissolved – YES and DONE

Be at ease and feel joyful on a daily basis – YES and DONE

Know exactly what to do to speed up your recovery and heal in the best possible way – YES and DONE

Have incredible healing tools at your fingertips and make incredible shifts – YES and DONE

Address and resolve ″Why me’s and ″I don’t know how’s″YES and DONE

Have unshakable trust into your recovered future – YES and DONE


The investment for the VIP coaching experience
Turn Pain Into Soaring Intensive is $2700.


$200 application fee applies 
(deductible from the program fee or 100% refundable if your application is unsuccessful)

″I went from being extremely nervous, depressed and tensed to being positive, confident and back on my feet faster than I could imagine.″

I was extremely nervous, depressed and tensed constantly after the accident. I realized I needed a different kind of help – and I reached out to Maya. While working with her I began to feel more positive and confident. I felt supported and knowing that she was speaking from experience helped immensely. Slowly one by one she helped me overcome those mental roadblocks and that helped speed up my recovery. I finally felt that I was beginning to take charge of my recovery and I could make a difference to my healing.

My doctor was amazed at my speedy recovery and the range of movement I gained. Maya played such a huge role in it and I’m so grateful for her help.

Anu  Cherian

Is this 4-week recovery- and life-changing experience for everyone?

Absolutely not!

This exclusive offer is for only 4 incredible women. Are you one of them?

This  is  for  YOU  if …

  • You’re totally committed to your healing and you’re ready to take immediate steps that are needed in order for you to recover in the most incredible way.
  • You’re ready to approach your healing from different aspects so that you will not only heal physically but emotionally, mentally and spiritually as well.
  • You’re willing to be vulnerable because you understand that incredible healing takes courage.
  • You want to be pain-free and enjoy your life to the fullest with your loved ones.
  • You want to feel empowered, inspired, heard, and you want to know how to achieve amazing recovery with ease.

This  is  NOT  for  you  if …

  • You’re looking for the ‘magic pill’ approach.
  • You want to focus only on the physical aspect of the recovery and ignore the rest.
  • You’re stuck in the victim and ‘hoping’ mentality and you’re not ready to let this go. In fact, feeling empowered scares you.
  • You’re always looking for excuses why things don’t go your way.
  • You’re not willing to invest your time, energy and money towards incredible healing.

The door closes in:


$200 application fee applies 
(deductible from the program fee or 100% refundable if your application is unsuccessful)

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely! And we’ll start with a VIP day, which means covering as much as what’s included in a whole month of coaching and guidance. You are in good hands – however, it is necessary for you to be open to create a rapid change that will help you create an amazing recovery.

Short answer – I empower you, help you see the blind spots in your recovery and life, and help you step into your full potential so that you can heal from this injury and uplevel your life with confidence and ease.


Long answer – I fill the void and cover all the things that are covered superficially, rarely, or not at all by other medical professionals, but are oh so extremely important for amazing healing. I help my clients reduce or eliminate pain through techniques and approaches most medical professionals are not aware of. I help you get free from anxiety, sadness, frustration, and other overwhelming emotions. I help you change the way you think, feel and act and as a result, your body heals better and faster.

But that’s not all. There’s an extra bonus that you get out of this – upgrading/improving your life at the same time with ease. It’s absolutely a double win.

In most cases no. The reason is that you’re not a robot – you have feelings and thoughts that directly affect your body. What is happening on the inside has a direct impact on how you heal. For example – when we are afraid or anxious, we experience more pain. Having me in your corner to cover every important thing that other medical professionals don’t is priceless. Have I mentioned years of personal experience, not just theory?

I’m glad you asked because it’s an important part of our coaching relationship. We might already know each other, or it could be that the only contact we’ve had so far was through emails or social media posts. So before we start with coaching we’ll get to know each other a bit better to be absolutely sure we are a match.

You’ll book a call and within a day or so we’ll have a shorter session where I’ll tune into your healing journey. I’ll ask plenty of questions about you and you are welcome to ask me plenty of questions too. At the end of the call, you’ll either invest in yourself or, if by any chance we realize we’re not a match, I’ll refund 100% of the session fee.

Apply now >>

I hear you. And I’m gonna tell you what I tell every client when we start working together. When the program ends this does not mean the end for you or our coaching relationship. If you feel that you need more support and guidance going forward, we’ll make an arrangement for it. I am here for you to help you heal from the inside out in the best way possible.

The door closes in:


$200 application fee applies 
(deductible from the program fee or 100% refundable if your application is unsuccessful)