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Wound Healing Beyond The Traditional Approach – How To Heal Better And Faster

How many times has your doctor (or physiotherapist or any other medical professional) asked you: ″How are you doing mentally and emotionally, and what are you doing to resolve any turmoil that is happening inside of you?

Every time I had an appointment I heard the ‘how are you doing’ thing but it was just a greeting.

Not even once did anyone explain to me why it’s important to look beyond ‘just’ the physical recovery and really deal with things that are happening inside of me.


And, of course, not every doctor or ‘body-therapist’ is like this. On The Mindful Injury Recovery World Summit that I hosted this June, we had a couple of amazing ones that are aware of how important it is to not only deal with the physical issues but the importance of resolving the psychological as well.

Because otherwise you’re just chasing your own tail. 

I often get asked ‘Can you help me with xyz type of injury?’ And the truth is that your type of injury doesn’t matter because the majority of my work includes helping you deal with things beyond the physical. And as a result, your body can heal in a better and faster way.

This week’s topic is wound healing. And it sounds very specific, doesn’t it?

But let me tell you that it is not.

This video is for you no matter if you have a wound or not, because like I said, my work goes beyond just the physical issues and you can apply this information to any type of healing from an injury.

Tune in to heal better and faster. 

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Does it feel like your recovery is moving along at turtle pace? I’ve seen it before – and I know how it can make you wonder if your body is just extra broken, or if there’s something else wrong with you. And that, ironically, is exactly the kind of thinking you DON’T need when you’re recovering.

Today’s topic is about healing wounds – any type of wound. Or any kind of injury, for that matter.

We’re going to talk about healing beyond traditional medicine…beyond the confines of bandages and medication.

Healing from an injury is closely connected to what’s happening inside of you and how you react to it.

An average person has around 80,000 thoughts a day. At any given time, there’s so much going on in your mind.  How do you deal with these thoughts?

Here’s where stress comes in.

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word, “stress”?

For a lot of people, stress represents work, deadlines, and a boss they don’t like. It can also be the daily grind – traffic, exams, school, or a gazillion things on your to-do list.

But then, even the seemingly OK aren’t stress-proof. People who have it all can STILL be stressed by a number of things;

Like minor conflicts with your spouse that happen on a daily basis.

Like worrying about someone you love.

Like worrying that your recovery is going too slow.

Like smiling on the outside, but actually living in a constant state of high-functioning depression.

Like carrying wounds from the past, like emotional or sexual abuse, or any other trauma.

Understand that successful recovery is not only about healing physical wounds. It’s also about healing emotional wounds.

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I’m pretty sure you’ve heard that before. That the things happening in your mind closely affect your physical healing. 

Cliché as that may sound, it’s true. I can attest to that.

Studies show that people who do a combination of techniques to resolve emotional and mental challenges, heal faster than those who take simply take the traditional approach of healing just the body.

Wouldn’t it be great if you had a roadmap to complete healing of your injury?

Now you can have it! Just click the button below.

In this in-depth masterclass, you’ll discover all the important things that are not covered in your doctor’s office so that you can heal quicker and better with ease & bounce forward from this physical trauma.

I’ve seen it work for me and I’ve seen it work for most of my clients. Everyone that I work with now, actually – but it wasn’t always like this.

After I fractured and dislocated my right ankle, and after I’d recovered from the injury that should have left me limping for life and started helping others achieve their own miracle recoveries, I quickly realized that many people were hitting a wall.

It was frustrating for them, and it was doubly frustrating for me, as their coach, because I knew that all the things I was teaching them worked. But why wouldn’t they work for them as well as they had for me?

Then I realized it – what we were mostly focusing on the “surface” matters.  Sure. A plant-based diet, carefully monitored exercises, and therapy help a recovering body tremendously.

But complete healing only came to me when (and because) I tied up loose ends.

My own recovery wasn’t just a time of physical healing.

Without being fully aware of it at the time, I had gone way deep and faced decades of emotional, mental and sexual trauma that I had been carrying around.

And I realized that my authentic healing was inextricably linked to facing all the negative stuff inside of me.

So I started coaching women in a different way.

We very seriously started focusing on the things that were happening on the inside. We went from the surface to something deeper.  From snorkeling to deep scuba diving, so to speak. And that wall that they were hitting before disappeared. 

My clients have found genuine healing. They say it’s a miracle… but really, it’s not. 

All I did was help them lift a block – the invisible boulder driving a wedge between where they are at the moment and complete recovery. 

Some of them even went from hearing their doctor say:

“This is never going to happen for you”


“Let’s just wait until you need another operation.”


“WOW!  I’ve never seen this before!”

Wound Healing Beyond The Traditional Approach – How To Heal Better And Faster Click To Tweet

Resolving your emotional issues COMPLETES your healing.

I don’t want to scare you. But truly… if you don’t deal with what’s happening in your heart, complete healing won’t come any time soon. In fact, it will only affect your healing in a negative way. You’ve probably had this nagging fear about your recovery…

“Am I really going to get any better? Is this the best it’s going to be? Is my body broken?” 

Your body is not ineffective. Your body is NOT broken. 

But your spirit probably is…

Inner turmoil makes it difficult for your body to completely heal.

Your next step…

  • Does this resonate with you?
  • Would you like to speak with someone who understands?
  • Would you like to create an incredible healing plan for yourself?

Then, I invite you to book a call with me below.

Let’s discuss how I can help you get from where you’re at right now, to where you want to be.

When healing physical trauma personalized guidance is priceless!

Book a call with Dr. Maya and discover how the Mindful Injury Recovery Method can help you heal quickly & effortlessly so that you can start enjoying your life again.

Sending you much love xx

Dr. Maya

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  1. Very insightful. I am a physician and had a series of three running injuries that led to my needing to give up 35 years of running. Running was something truly authentic and almost spiritual for me, and losing it was devastating. Not one doctor of the many I saw asked about how I was coping on the inside. I still have some pain seven years later but am working at addressing emotions and grieving the loss of something so important to me. Other stressors are also being addressed. I truly believe not focusing on stress or grief or anger is a key factor holding people back from recovery.

    1. Deborah, thank you for sharing your thoughts. I agree – this (the inner work) is a huge missing link in healing. I have a vision that things will change in the future and this will be addressed in the doctor’s (or PT’s or any other medical professional’s) office as well. Up until then, I’m grateful I can shine a light on what needs attention and help women like you.
      So really good to hear that you’re going beyond just the physical, Deborah, and addressing emotions. With love ❤ xx

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