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The Main Reason WHY You Really Struggle With Your Recovery

Going  beyond the physical

so that you can heal

completely  with ease.

Are you struggling with your recovery? Here is what to do…

Does this sound familiar?

You injured yourself and looking back you thought it would be easier than what you are experiencing right now. You thought that the bone would mend (if you had a fracture) and then everything would be back to normal. But now a few weeks, or months, or even years into the recovery you’re realizing how naive you were. Things are much harder than what you expected at first.

I can really relate to this story.

I didn’t expect my recovery would take me so long. On that sunny day, when I slipped and landed on my right ankle, I didn’t expect that my life would make a complete turn. I was so naive, or maybe too optimistic, going to the medical center expecting it to be just a sprain. 2  to 3 weeks of rest, and off I go.

I did not expect 3 months in bed, almost 6 months on the crutches, hearing heart-dropping predictions of what my life would look like from then on. I did not expect struggle and frustration. I did not expect that this would be one of the best things that happened in my life. Wait, what?!

I often hear from injured women and men that if they would push themselves slightly more they would not struggle so much. That if they would walk more, do more exercises, listen to the doctors and physiotherapist more they wouldn’t struggle so much.

If you think that things like this could change your journey and make it all of a sudden more pleasant and easier, let me stop you right away. It’s not gonna happen, gorgeous.

Your accident happened for a reason.

There are no coincidences in life and you have this injury for a reason. You see, everything is connected. You cannot look at your injury as something completely separated from your life.

Injuries are really like megaphones. They are not quiet or playing it small. Oh no! They are loud and screaming. And they are not afraid to point the finger at whatever you tried to ignore for so long. Things that you were pushing aside for so long are now screaming back at you. And it’s not pretty!

Healing happens naturally and with such an ease that you cannot even imagine. Your body is a miracle machine and it can heal itself perfectly. It is not just a bunch of cells put together – there is more to you than just your physical body.

Healing with ease is absolutely possible.

If you took the struggle as your truth, this might be the time for you to let go of this limiting belief. It limits you and your true healing potential.

What is going on in your mind has a direct effect on your body.

So why do you really struggle in this journey?

Gorgeous, there are things that need to be sorted out in order for you to heal in the best possible way with ease. Your body and life are trying to make you listen. Are you listening? Or are you looking away… again?

When you resolve the ″unrelated things″ (at first glance) the healing happens naturally and with ease.

Every time I start working privately with a client we always, always, ALWAYS uncover things that are really behind those injuries. We uncover what Life, Universe, God, Higher-Self (however you want to name it) is trying to say LOUD and CLEAR. And this is everything from feeling unworthy to miscarriages and the fact that there was still something left that needed to be emotionally healed.

You absolutely can look away. You can approach your healing in a ″normal″ way and wait for the green light for moving that part of the body. No shame in that – you just don’t resonate with this message, which is totally ok.

But what if this can really change your life?

What if I am right?

What if you just got an amazing opportunity to heal beyond what, statistically, you are capable of?

What if instead of going against the flow, you started going with the flow and let the healing happen naturally?

Your body is not broken. It’s doing everything it can to heal AND thrive. And who is the master of your body and who gives commands to your body? Your mind, gorgeous!

Your body follows your mind. Your thoughts and emotions and beliefs create your reality.

If I’d have to do this all over again, I’d do it in a heartbeat. This tough experience not only showed me how extremely powerful my body is, but it taught me how to be HAPPY again.

Because of this experience, I shone a light into the dark places of my soul. I resolved things from my past that I was running away from for such a long time. Was it easy? No, not always. Was it worth it? Yes. Absolutely yes. This injury gave me a better life. I am happier. I forgave myself and others. I released and let go of what was not serving me. I healed from the inside out. I grew wings.

Your next step…

Does this resonate with you?

If this spoke to you, if you had an a-ha moment, then you are ready to take your healing power back and heal in the best possible way.

And since this is the case, gorgeous, we need to talk.

Because this is my expertise – helping you heal from the inside out. I will help you release any fears, worries, and doubts so that you can finally say goodbye to slow progress, frustration and pain, and say hi to happiness and outstanding recovery.

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