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Why Is Your Ankle Still Swollen After Months of Recovery?

When I broke my right talus bone (the full story here), I had a few weeks where my ankle was really swollen. But months after the injury it was already healing and there was little swelling. I know a lot of people who are recovering from a fracture or injury are wondering how long before the swelling subsides. Is it still normal if your ankle is swollen after months or even years? I’d say no, it’s not normal.

Here are four important questions you need to ask yourself if your ankle is still swollen months, or even years, after the injury:

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Question #1: Are you drinking enough water?

When you’re thirsty, it’s your body telling you it needs water. The body is composed of 60-70% water. If you’re not drinking enough, your body might be having a hard time during recovery.

When you’re dehydrated, you’re not be able to flush out all the toxins in your body and all those toxins may be causing the inflammation in your ankle, at the site of your injury.

Take note that if you’re drinking 8 glasses per day, as is often recommended, that may not be enough during recovery. Better to double your water intake to help your body recover faster. Skip the beer, wine, soda, or coffee. Coffee and alcohol can cause more dehydration and that’s one thing you really want to avoid right now. But if you still absolutely, positively need a bit of caffeine, make sure you drink lots of water to make up for it!

Question #2: Are you eating the right food?

So you’re drinking enough water and moving enough, but you still have inflammation. Then it’s time to check your diet. It is a fact that there are foods that can cause inflammation in your body. If your diet is composed mostly of dairy and meat, then you’ll have to adjust if you want to reduce inflammation.

Fruits and vegetables are some of the best anti-inflammatory foods you can find – they nourish you with vitamins and minerals, provide fiber and are great for hydration too, especially raw.

You should also cut out processed food from your diet. It doesn’t matter if you’re munching on kale chips or cream and onion potato chips. Processed food can be the reason your ankle is still swollen – there is normally way too much salt, fat and other additives in it. By the way, if you’re struggling with your diet and have no idea on what to eat, contact me! And if you want an extra tool to fight inflammation, you can also check out this article for The Best Anti-Inflammatory Drink ever.

Question #3: Are you sleeping enough?

Never underestimate the power of sleep. You might have spent days sleeping during the early stages of your recovery but it’s important that you still get enough sleep even after going back to your normal daily routine.

Lack of sleep slows down your recovery. It is during sleep that your body is able to fully recharge and recover. If you don’t get enough sleep, your body does not have its recovery quality time. If your ankle is still swelling up months or years after injury, then it’s very likely you’re not getting enough rest.

Question #4: Are you moving enough?

During recovery, it’s easy to fall back to your normal routine before the accident. But there is a fine line here –  sitting in the office for hours on end may be causing your swollen ankle. And conversely, you may also be standing too much, putting strain on your ankle. Go over how you are moving on a regular day to see if you’re sitting or standing too much.

How to move more, even if you’re still injured

Moving around, keeping the foot elevated when you’re not, and doing stretching and strengthening exercises for your ankle is essential to keep the swelling down and improve your recovery. But it’s hard to know what you should be doing, and when, especially if you’re still injured.

I actually created a whole program of physiotherapist-approved exercises for myself when I broke my ankle which helped me finish a triathlon (more than one) after my doctors told me I’d never be able to walk without a limp again. More than 975 injured women and men have used it since then, and their results speak for themselves – it can be used to improve the strength and flexibility of your ankle no matter if you’re just starting your recovery, or if it’s been months since the injury. You can find out for yourself – it’s totally free to try!

With love xx

Dr. Maya

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  1. Hi Maya! Love the website!

    I’m one year post talus injury now and doing very well (yoga 3 times per week with no pain… I can run but don’t do much running, mainly yoga) but there is definitely still a little bit of swelling (though not anything too noticeable). My question is – isn’t it normal for the ankle to look slightly different after 2 surgeries etc, due to the scarring and fibrous tissue that develops with healing?

    My “swelling” is not soft and boggy, it’s hard and just feels like the structure of the ankle has changed. Sometimes I get soft swelling after I do a lot of exercise or after I sit for prolonged periods, but it quickly disappears. Is this this not normal?

    My knee-to-wall flexibility is improving but very slowly, and I still have a long way to go, but I was definitely thinking this level of swelling was normal. Please let me know what you think!


    1. Dr. Maya Novak

      Hey Poppy, great to hear from you and about your progress!
      I would say that a slightly difference between the ankles is expected/normal and you’ll see that this will disappear through time as well (that’s my experience).
      There’s a lot of people who are contacting me and sending me photos of their ankles, some even after years, and their ankles are not just a bit swollen, but there’s a bigger difference between them. I think this is not normal, which was mostly the point of this article. Plus usually they want to know what they can do to take the swelling down and here are some points to consider.
      Also my experience with recovery and nutrition tells me that you have a lot more control over swelling/inflammation than most people believe/expect.

      Flexibility is a journey and I wish I could say that after this kind of injury you’ll get the range of motion back really fast. The part where I disagree with some (a lot) of the doctors and PTs is that your ankle will be as flexible as it gets a year or maybe max a year and a haft after the injury. If you take care of your body, if you do exercises and stretching routines on a regular basis, if you eat a diet that we as a species should eat, you’ll see that the flexibility can increase a lot even after this time. It’s been 3,5 years since my injury and my ankle is still getting more flexible. It’s a slow process, but is still happening.

      1. it has been 4 months that i have sprained my ankle, I did not have any treatment on it in the first 2 months and even still moving and exercising, and now it is still swelling a little bit and whenever i squat there will be pain on the back of my left ankle.I sincerely wanted to know if my ankle will recover or not after such a long time.

      2. Hi,

        I have had a fractured fibula.
        Coming to my 4th week now and still quite swollen as of recent days.
        I am worried maybe one of the bones have misplaced, hence maybe the swelling?
        My diet is not great, however I don’t eat processed food.
        Not much fruit, I do like salad.
        What can I do to help heal faster? I really want to get back in the gym.

      3. It has been 11 weeks since my ankle fracture. The xray shows a reasonable bone recovery(still has some to recover). My doctor has sent me to do therapies staring next week. My main worry is the swelling of my ankle and foot. Every morning, the swelling is not very much, but in evening, the swelling becomes much worse, almost as bad as 11 weeks ago.
        I am working from home using computer. I sit naturally as a healthy person would do- placing the injured foot on the floor, facing down some time, just one side of foot on the floor other times. I guess the weight of thigh and calf may play a significant role in the swelling. I need to work every day, what can I do to reduce swelling?
        Thank you!

        1. Shicai Zhu, it’s very beneficial to put your injured leg as high as possible while sitting down. This can mean placing it on another chair beside you and across where you sit. It also helps to stand up and move around a bit every 30 to 50 minutes or so or lay on the floor and lifting your legs up. Hope this helps. xx

    2. Hi I Broke my ankle in three different places and they cannot do surgery because it’s too swollen I am elevating it and try not to walk on it as much as I can but I’m in a lot of pain and it seems like the swelling is not going down and like I said they won’t walk on it until the swelling is down any recommendations

      1. It broke my hip 4weeks ago had a complex operation as I already had false femur and knee getting on now quite well still in hospital but going home soon but I have noticed my foot on the broken leg is swollen is this normal please

      2. Hi, I broke my 1st, 2nd and 3rd metatarsals and this caused a huge amount of inflammation to my ankle. This was over a year ago now and I’ve used different types of ways to help reduce the inflammation such as ice massage, cool gels , compressed bandages but non is working. Have you any other ideas what I can do to try reducing this inflammation.
        Thank you.

        1. I broke my 2nd, 3rd and 4th metatarsals last november…..they are healed but still cant walk on it due to the inflammation around the ankle………….Im sorry I have no ideas of how to heal the inflammation, just saying im in the same boat, trying to also work it out………………….highly debilitating not being able to walk……kathie

          1. I broke my 2nd 3rd & 4th metatarsals on March 29 & they are healed but I still have swelling in my foot. I am drinking lots of water and watching salt intake but it doesn’t seem to help. I was told turmeric might help. Do you have any suggestions?

    3. Its been 4 years after a sprain and a torn ligiment in my ankle. Everything has healed but the swelling won’t go away. I gave up all hope. My doctors say nothing else can be done. I want a normal looking ankle and notthis ugly thingm

      1. I am in a similar situation but it had been 2 years 8 months for me. My injury from Sept 18 with no broken bones.

        The results are with subcutaneous oedema adjacent to the lateral malleolus, subchondral bone marrow oedema at the posterolateral aspect of talar dome maybe due to bone bruise. ATFL and CFL sprained.

        I was carrying a 15 kilo toddler downstairs when the accident happened. The putter right ankle sprained, poped, then my toddler fell off my arm just before I landed on the floor.

        The inner side ankle I landed on has been fully healed with no more pain 4 weeks ago. I am having sensitive pain all over my foot when lying down with outer ankle facing the bed.
        The edema bag seems to take forever to reduce down. It’s much smaller now but yes it’s still there and look a bit swollen. I am trying to work having a full rotation and straightened them.

        Tempted to do couch to running but don’t want to damage it.

      2. Hi, my mom is diabetic. She fell down about two months ago and hurt her ankle. It stopped hurting a few days later but her foot is now swollen. Sometimes the swelling comes down if she rests but it is till there till date. What can she do?

    4. I had a blood clot like around easter of this year20/20 still swollen and stay up really late at nite time never go to bed unless im tired txt day

    5. I broke my patella almost 12 months ago. The break has healed but my leg from the knee down has continued swelling. any suggestions

  2. Thank you so much for your article. I fractured my left ankel about 5 weeks ago and it still seems to be swollen. I was going to call the doctor and make an appointment but I think after reading your article I’ll change my diet and work better at my hydration.

    1. Dr. Maya Novak

      You’re more than welcome, Ashley! Of course, depends on what kind of fracture you had, but 5 weeks might be a bit short time to tell if something is not ok. In my experience, the right diet and hydration can make miracles. And if you need any help with that, don’t hesitate to reach out to me – I would love to help you reach your recovery goals. xx

      1. Hey maya !!
        I fractured my talus like 5 years back .. it still swells a lot after 3-4 hours of sitting and working and it really pains a lot .!
        I mean it is so hard to stand up if i had a long working day ..! Any suggestions

    2. This year marked the 25th year anniversary of my huge leg operation as a 12-year old. After 25 years my ankle still swells (to double its size on a very active day). Naturally, when I developed a DVT in Sept. 2020, it was in this leg. Will the swelling EVER go away on its own or will I just have to go to the doctor again?

  3. hello, I am not sure if the swelling in my ankle is normal. I had a bunion surgery in May, and the doctor said to expect swelling for a few months. Well it’s October…and while my actual foot is no longer swollen at all, my ankle is so fluid-filled that I can leave finger indentations in several spots. I just find it strange that the ankle is holding all of the fluid, rather than the area by my big toe. Should I be concerned?
    P.S. I do a lot of sitting most days because I am constantly studying for nursing school. But I leave for Europe in 2 weeks, and I expect to walk up to 10 miles a day minimum.

      1. Hey .. I fractured my talus like 5 years back .. it still swells a lot after 3-4 hours of sitting and working and it really pains a lot .!
        I mean it is so hard to stand up if i had a long working day ..! Any suggestions

        1. I wish she had answered you because 5 years post surgery, my ankle still swells if I’m on it a lot and it never used to prior to breaking it. Plus, sometimes it feels really stiff. My diet isn’t stellar but I’ve made some good changes, including drinking more water and matcha tea.

        2. Hi thank you for your post. I’m thinking I was loosing my mind with my ankle pain. I fractured my talus, shattered my heel and broke a couple bones on top of foot because of a horrific car accident. It’s been a little over a year and still use a splint when I’m at work. Use walker and crutches on my days off. Doctor says most likely stay this way. Yippe so happy. Sorry I was ranting. Keep fight the fight don’t give up.

    1. Hello,I had a sprained ankle and I had have plaster cast for 17 days.After removal plaster cas I am feeling pain.,swelling and stiffness still.Morover, when I get down stairs its so much painfull.Now my question is that how many days I have to tolerate it???thanks

  4. Hi Maya,

    thank you so much for this article. Now i dont need to worry about the swelling of my foot. i met an accident on Sept 3, 2017 and had surgery on Sept 13 to amputate my mid toe, placed metals on my dislocated 2nd toe and fractured ankle… the metals were removed on Oct 21. i was told by the ortho not to strain my foot yet for 2 more weeks but start little exercises already then after another week i can already remove the splint and start putting some weight on my foot.

    when i visit the ortho again yesterday, he noticed that my foot is swelling. he said its because of lack of movement and i wondered how come when i already started putting on some weight on my foot by trying to step it on the floor. it hurts so much! and i noticed that the more movement i do to my foot, the more swelling it gets. but after reading your article. now i know that the swelling is just normal and it will go away as i start to walk again. no need to panic for me.

    thanks a lot 🙂

  5. Hi Maya,

    I sprained my ankle four months ago. I can walk properly but makes me wonder why still swelling after a long period of time. I had x-ray there was no broken or chip bones. Been doing exercises to get to normal motion and still thesame.
    Every morning the swelling is gone but during the day started to swell again. Any idea whats going on with my ankle?Anything you can advise about it?
    Your opinions are highly appreciated.

    Hope to hear from you soon.

    Thank you

    1. This is exactly what is happening to me. I rolled/sprained my ankle in early June and I was 4 weeks off volleyball but I got back to it after to be physical on it but the swelling isn’t completely gone yet. My ankle doesn’t hurt to walk ir anything, just hurts sometimes when it stays in a position too long , I play too long or stretch it out.

      1. Heyy Christy I’m also a volleyball player and my ankle also sprained 3-4 months ago but the swelling isn’t gone I can play and run but it hurts when I keep it in a position for too long
        So Dr. Maya what should we do can you tell us both

        1. Kartik Tamta, recovery requires a whole person. So there’s no such thing as doing 1 thing expecting miracles (which you might already know). I’m not familiar with your situation and what we would do if you were my client is we would look into every aspect of your recovery (meaning emotional, mental, vibrational, perhaps also spiritual, and not just the physical aspect) and see where things need to be tweaked. I hope this makes sense. With love ❤ xx

        2. Like many others have posted I fell 2 yrs and 13 days ago at work (RNA) due to shift hours I was required to stay on site and finish my scheduled shift (another 5hrs). Unfortunately for me I was unable to receive medical treatment for 4days which revealed that my ankle was fractured the three places (high ankle fracture) two in the ankle and another fracture just below the knee. I was sent home with the order to wear a boot and seek further care. L&I was closed and so were all medical clinics due to weather for 6 days. In that time I was required to return and work my scheduled 12hr shifts. I still have pain from foot to knee and swelling. I noticed if I walk or stand for more than 15 minutes pain shoots up and others have noticed I turn my foot out when this begins. Pain still wakes me after 3-3.5hrs of sleep. I have removed nightshades and seeds/nuts from diet. Drink my body weight in ounces everyday, plus at least one 10oz cup of Pedialyte a day. I have gone to eating salmon 3times a week plus fish and flax oil daily. But all 8 doctors I have seen state the same thing: this is normal just keep taking the OTC and drink more water and learn to live/work with the pain and swelling. One told me to embrace the pain and offered edibles as a pain treatment
          ( but employer does not allow).

          1. I am absolutely horrified that your treatment was so delayed…that the place you work made you complete your shift and made ongoing physical demands from you. First off they should be financially liable for your fall and ongoing expenses and treatment. Also, you should not embrace the pain…you should get the treatment that you deserve. What area do you live in? I broke my ankle and lower leg in three places about 2 years and 4 months ago…three plates, two since removed. I think my foot will bother me the rest of my life but I can walk well…it will always be stiff and sore and I will have difficult days with it. I make sure I take a calcium supplement and the D vitamins…I walk regularly and do stretching exercises for my foot. I would see another doctor and make sure it has healed properly.

  6. I broke my 5th metatarsal bone and damaged the ligaments in my left foot. After 5 months now my foot still swells up and changes colour…deep pink… I am on my feet most of the day. But elivate it most evenings. How much longer before my foot does not swell and tingle on the top just before my toes ? Thanks

    1. Hey Maya!

      I had sprained my right ankle twice two years in a span of less than 4 weeks time but back then considering it like a normal sprain I ignored the consequences for like 6-9 months plus I did not get a proper treatment from doctors and wasn’t able to walk. After 9months I took 10day physiotherapy and few medicines for Vitamin D and B12. And I was told to continue my ankle exercises of about 20minutes 2/3 times in a day. I did it religiously for like 6months. Again for 3ms I stopped excercising since life got a hell busy with work, tuitions and exams in between. Since the incident of the ankle sprain i have gained around 16kgs of weight and exceeded my BMI. 3-4 months later I again consulted my orthopedic doc, he suggested weight loss+swimming and physio. So i went for 15days physiotherapy and consulted a dietician.

      Since again the exams had to show up and got busy with the preps so intensely that my health and food habits are set aside.
      I think what you said in the article is true. And I am going get deadly serious with my ankle exercises and diet, water intake and sleep patterns, walk after every few hours in between my long sitting on the desk routine and avoid standing on for long during train travel.

      If you have idea, why I have swelling since past 2years and what I could do more to heal faster specifically considering my situation. Please let me know.
      I will be highly obliged to know your suggestions.

  7. Hello Maya. I broken my ankle play soccer. Today jan. 11 turn for months i did the surgery. I have one plate and 11screws. I already back to running. But I worry about the swelling. When I run i feel good and when I stop is swlelling. I use KT tape for stability. But I think my recovery time it’s very fast. When do you think the Swelling will stop ? My doctor authorized in 6 months back to play soccer. What do you think?

  8. Hello,

    I broke my ankle (not sure what the bones are called) but all three bones that held my foot in place in Sept. of 2016. I got surgery, got hardware put in and the hardware really hurt so i got it removed May of 2017. My ankle is still swollen and bruised and the scars and bruises are painful. There is swelling that stays and there is also more swelling that occurs throughout the day. I wish i could add pictures but can’t. Is this normal?? Also, my foot/toes seems to hurt when walking throughout the day as well, which i find weird because i was never told i broke my foot lol. And i still have some numbness too! I feel like I’m super broken. Can’t run because my hips kill, especially my right hip because i feel my left foot/ankle doesn’t push off anymore. Sorry that im all over the place but your input would really help. Thank you!

    1. I have the same problem 6 months after surgery I can walk for about 4 hours at work then I start limping bad and in a lot of pain. Did your ankle ever get better I’m scared mine will be like this forever

    2. Hey Melissa. Every person that ever fractured their ankle went through the same thing. I know it can be scary, especially because you’re not sure if this is the way it should be or not. Numbness can be a result of swelling and usually disappears when this goes down. Do you work with a PT? Extra care can absolutely benefit you. xx

      1. Okay I broke my ankle on July 9th 2018 and its been a month and I think almost a week since my wreak and I am still non weight bearing… doctor said I go back in 3 weeks for xrays when I was seeing him every 2 weeks now he has moved it to every 3 when can I start putting prusser on it they asked me a few days ago when I went in where I would Luke to do my therapy at when j can start they never asked that be for? I have 2 kids and never broken a bone until the drunk driver hit us I just want my life back

      2. Hi i broke my ankle july 27 had surgery Aug 3 have a plate and screws in fibula and my tibia is healing fracture. The syndmoisus was wide, plate helped narrow. I haven’t been to work. I wk 12 hr shifts in hospital and can barely hand le 4-5 hrs WITHOUT pain, swelling and limping. I am afraid going to lose my job due to the restrictions as there are no light duties i can do. Is there anything i can do to speed process? I am doing PT, Dr says i am a month ahead in healing. I am afraid i have to change careers and am worried due to my ankle i may be without a job.

    3. I broke my right ankle in 2 places and was in a boot for 5 weeks. The other side of my ankle hurts, is stiff, and hurts when I am still at night. It has been 10 months and my doctor dismissed me. Shall I go to another doctor? My back hurts night and day since my fall and ankle break.

      1. I am 4 months out with broken ankle. Everything hurt after my fall also. I am swimming & stretching a lot which helps. I’ve come to realize we hurt our entire bodies with ankle. I think I was so focused on my ankle I forgot I put a strain on my WHOLE body. It’s going to take time for us to heal

  9. Hey Maya, I had reconstructive bone surgery on my left ankle 14 years ago. In always on the go. Of course I have my days when I feel I over do it on that foot and it becomes hard to bend to walk. Now yesterday it has swollen up so bad I can feel my heart beat in it. And no weight can be put on it. This happened two years ago. Then I went to a doctor and said it was tendonitis. But my actually ankle hurts not the achilis tendon. I really don’t want to waste money just to hear that again. Any l pointers or directions of what to do to make it better?

    1. Jeremy, it would be great that you figure out WHY this happened. Even if it’s tendonitis, the way to prevent it next time is knowing HOW to do it. I’d suggest talking to a specialist – a doctor, a physiotherapist, an orthopedist or anyone else who can help you with this. Good luck! xx

  10. Ok here’s my story I fell two story’s and broke my left ankle the doc put two screws and a plait in it but was causing nerve pain so I had it removed. I wasn’t working or couldn’t work it’s been 6 months I was able to walk fine no pain so I went back to work and 4 hours on my feet and I can barely walk ankle and hole foot just Throbs so bad what can I do I don’t want to loose my job will my ankle be like this forever? Email me if u can help.

    1. Hey Mark. I’m so sorry to hear about your struggle. I can imagine it’s been hard for you. 6 months is not such a long time for recovery of an ankle. You might overdo it and the result is a (really) sore ankle. What kind of rehabilitation did you have? Working on strength and flexibility is important, and so are other things – like rest, diet, dealing with fear and other emotions and so on. I hope you feel better soon. xx

  11. Hi Maya, i sprain my ancle playing football 7 weeks ago, it was very big sprain, i was not able to walk on my foot for two days, but it was better by the days and after 10 days i was playing again but with very good brace. After few times playing i finaly relaxed and i spraind it again but thanks to the brace it didn’t go all the way out. I was able to walk the next day. Now it’s 20 days from second sprain, i am stil not playing football my ancle is a little swollen ( i walk a lot on my job), it is a litle painfull when touched on outer side of the ancle but my bigest concern is that i can not touch that outer ligament under the ancle, it simply is not there any more. I can fin it on my left foot but not on my right foot.

  12. Hey!
    I sprained my ankle in June 2017 (9 months ago) while climbing and couldn’t walk for a month. After that I began healing properly but slowly. The thing is, my ankle still hurts when I move it a bit and the swelling is still present. I cant even do a squat. I cant wait to climb again but what can I do to make the pain and swelling go away? I have been doing exercises for 9 months but it doesn’t seem to help.
    Kind regards from Slovenia, Vida

      1. Hi all. I rolled and “sprained” my left ankle after stepping down from a considerable height in May 2018, walked on it for a month and the pain got much worse. Went to an orthopedic surgeon and did an MRI to find out that the talus has a contusion, and the surrounding ligaments had tendinitis when the ankle rolled. I have been on crutches since July. Every few weeks I am told to try to walk a few steps on it with the boot, but the pain and swelling is considerable, and I have to go back onto the crutch. Thank God, my job has been understanding and considerate, because I was on leave for 7 weeks. I am trying to stay positive, but sometimes I get frustrated and cries constantly. I have 2 little toddlers and a husband who though very supportive, works on a shift system, so it is challenging. I am wondering if it should be paining so much at this point. My doctor keep telling me to be patient, it takes time.

    1. Hey Vida. This exact scenario has happened to me except it’s been 10 months. How is your ankle now? Has it completely healed? If so, how long did it take?

    1. I am having the same issue! I have no pain but there is a swelling. Although, I am having a hard time walking due to the swelling. I know my ankle didn’t get fractured but it is taking really long for my swelling to heal. Was your situation resolved?

  13. Hi Maya, I broke both of my ankles in an accident just over 2 years ago. I have been back playing sports and running for over a year now and am pain free for the most part, however both of my ankles are still quite swelled looking and the outside (ball) of both of my ankles are quite sensitive to touch and can be painful if I get hit there (I play several contact sports), I would appreciate any advice when you have a chance.

  14. Sheila Slater

    Hi all, I had a car accident April 15, 2017. It resulted in a severe compound frature of my right ankle, fratured L3 and fractured sternum.
    I had surgery on ankle. My ortho surgeon said he had never seen such a mess. In his actual report, it says…the foot was mush. He rebuilt my whole ankle. Used 2 rods , mutiple pins and screws. I was NWB for 5 months. Then in a boot for 2 months. I am walking, but not without pain and swelling. I put the boot back on, just to get relief. BTW…I had 2 Achille Tendon repairs on the same foot prior to this. Will I ever be able to live without pain? Will i walk without limp ? My foot does not bend forward very well. I feel like a duck when I walk. Emotionally, I am exhausted. Between the pain and not being able to exercise the way I use to, I am depressed. Thanks to all who can offer any help.

    1. I had surgery August 2018. Still in pain and numbness and stiffness. Hard to walk. I can TOTALLY relate to how you’re feeling!

  15. Krystal Greene

    Hi I’m Krystal. I broke my ankle in August of 17 I have been fully recovered since November. Here it is April, and today my Ankle is swollen. I am really worried about it. I developed a blood clot when my ankle was broke. I had to take Blood thinners, and that was how my mom passe away years ago. What should I do?

    1. Dr. Maya Novak

      Hey, Krystal. I’m so sorry to hear about your setback and the clot you developed a few months ago. I can imagine it is terrifying. It’s absolutely impossible to give you an answer in this short paragraph, however, if you’d like to discuss it, please book a healing call here.
      Much love xx

  16. I rolled my ankle March 8 which caused a sprain and a fractured distal fibula, Surgery wasn’t needed. Was in a boot and non weight bearing for 4 week, then slight weight bearing in the boot for 2. Saw the ortho and was put into a brace and told to bear weight, the pain is worse that when it was originally broken. The pressure on the inside of the ankle and foot is terrible, what do I do at this point? PT doesn’t start for another week.

  17. Lauren Edwards

    Hi, I sprained my ankle 7 weeks ago, I fell down a step on the bus. I went to the walk in centre and they did an x ray and said it wasn’t broken but I had badly sprained it and snapped my ligament. Now still after 7 weeks it is still really swollen. I fly to Mexico on Saturday. Is there anything I can do to try and ease the swelling or could the x ray have missed a break or is this normal. I’ve never done anything like this before. Some people are saying it’s normal because it’s just me using my foot more gradual and then some people say that’s not normal.

  18. My truck rolled over both my knees and my left leg and ankle. It happened on Monday. I took 15 stitches in ankle and broke my fibula. I have been walking 3 miles a day to keep up some of my activity.
    However at night my ankle is real swollen and hurts.
    I am 70 years old, is it better to not walk and have swelling stop or keep mobile?

  19. Hello Maya ,I`m Mohamed from Egypt,, i have a very strange story regarding my ankle.
    1.5 year ago i have severly sprained my ankle while playing football &the doctor assured that no fracture with x-rays , just stretched ligaments with discoloration and swelling ,, the next day i was immobilized in non-weight bearing cast for 20 days but i was weight bearing inside home ,, after removing the cast my foor was extermely stiff and swollen more than the injury day… i tried all the physical therapies like infrared ,ultrasound , hot/cold paths, massage, laser, shockwave, and etc..
    but till now i have problems that doesnt improve by time :
    1- my heel became permanently swollen or enlarged inflammation or pain with rest or even palpation but just feel like thickened or enlarged heel that apply over-stress on my whole foot while standing or walking.
    2-knee to wall excersize doesnt improve with time …chronic stiffness.
    so in conclusion chronic swelling of heel and chronic stiffness of ankle that make limitation in my activity.
    i went to more than 50 orthopedic and physiotherapist but no investigation or treatment
    also all mri,ct , ultrasound examination came negative !!
    do you think that i may still have hope for any improvement??

    1. I fractured my heal and ankle 4th of July of 2018. Chriatmas was the first day I could start walking on my own but barely. I am walking now but I still limp and my foot still hurts. December the doctor said my bones are all healed up. Idk why I’m still limping.

    2. I broke my fibula and tibia in three places in October of 2018. I had three metal plates put in. I had two of the plates and bolts removed over five weeks ago and the ankle is extremely tender and still swollen. I feel like I backtracked months in my recovery. Has anyone else experienced this.

      1. I had my right leg run over by a vehicle and broken both the fibula and tibia, and like you my ankle is swollen even after almost 4 months. They put a rod through the fibula. During the accident my ankle was twisted real bad along with my big toe being jammed down into the bottom of my boot.
        The entire foot is swollen along with the ankle and most of my leg up to my knee. The surgeon seems to be mostly concerned about the bones healing , which they are in part but not completely. I have pain all day especially when I walk or lean to the right with all the weight on the broken leg..
        From what I’ve read I figure there is ligament damage which would account for the swelling and also the continued pain, and I can expect this to last for several more months. Hope your heals completely sooner.

      2. Laurie, I had hardwear put in too and a little over a year later, had it all removed. I kept feeling the plate and it made my leg feel cold. I could feel it chaffing me on the inside too. Thank the good Lord I got rid of it, and was able to do so. But now my ankle is larger than my other one and is stiff sometimes. In fact, tonight, it feels achy and stiff.

  20. I fractured my ankle back in 2012 after I landed on it wrong after jumping from a high place, I had a cast one for the normal amount of time but I found the months after I was still in quite a lot of pain. 10 months later I went to a normal check up on my ankle and had learned part of the fracture never healed and that the doctors never noticed it till now, I had to walk on a broken ankle for 10 months. I had my first surgery, which was to get a screw in my ankle to encourage the bone to grow back. 1 year later I went back, and found out that the screw was causing the bone and cartilage around it to chip off and disintegrate, it’s been 6 months since that surgery to get it removed and I’m starting to get swelling and pain building back up in the ankle, and I’m starting to get scared something is wrong again. Before I start worrying I might decide to try these things, to see if they could help. It would be nice to walk normally after 5 years.

  21. I fractured my ankle & knackered up my knee ligaments about 4 years ago. I DIDN’T want the op they said I should of had, (I woke up mid op when I was a 13yr old from a broken collar bone ok and I saw them drilling into my shoulder!) I spent 10 weeks in pot and a further 3 rehabbing. I have arthritis in the ankle joint they pre-warned me I would probably get. The pain when 1st walking after a nights sleep is horrid. The biggest mistake in my life was refusing the op. I don’t know what to do anymore. Pain is very bad

  22. Jeremy Rivera

    Diet and water intake is essential for recovery. Swelling is normal especially months after surgery. The only way to really get rid of swelling as well as pain is to exercise. This may sound hard to some because pain might be unbearable. Skipping rehabilitation exercises or not doing them often will just result in more pain. Recovery takes hard work and faith. Pain usually subsides with exercise believe it or not. Like maya said you can do like ankle mobility exercise to get the blood flowing to the injury. Also for everyone on these post I would highly recommend getting some graston technique done on your calves and ankle because they are connected. It’s scar tissue removal. Scar tissue is what is probably causing limited mobility and pain along with inflammation . If u get this removed you will feel a difference and will be able to perform your rehab exercise. I am about 10 months post op and can bear weight and walk with little discomfort because I understand my injury is still in healing phase so there will be swelling still. But as I do the exercise and give my body the proper rest my discomfort level gets less and less everyday. The key is to keep at it. I would recommend buying resistance bands yellow red green blue and black. The reason for pain also is unstable and weak ankles. The resistance band exercises will help with that and eventually the pain and swelling will subside. This is not an easy process but you must stay dedicated I believe all of u could do this. When you start exercise everything must be gradual so you can progress properly. Example start with calf pumps and moving your ankle from side to side and holding for 5 to 10 seconds each direction. This requires no weight or resistance just repetitions. Once this gets easy and u can do it with no pain you want to do the same exercise with resistance bands and work your way up through each color, so start with yellow band until tht gets really easy and ur ankle can do it with strength then move to red and do the same with every color until you reach black and can do tht with ease you will feel how strong and stable your ankle is by then. The next phase after the bands would be toe raises and balance exercises such as standing on ur injured foot for balance. That was all examples of how you would progress from where you are now to where you want to be. Do not do to much to soon cause you will set ur self back. Have patients understand it will take time but if u do it correctly it will take less time than u think. For those playing sports at 6 months I would say thts to soon not even sports players do tht. They usually take the whole yr to rehab and recover. So keep tht in mind. Take care of yourselves I believe in you. Any questions feel free to reply to this post.

    1. Hi! Jeremy i had surgery july 19 2018 on my left foot my specialist removed a screw out my big toe he said my arch was collapsed so he put a rectangle plate next to my ankle it seems like it got my foot lock he put 4 screws in the back of my heel this 8weeks now i still can’t walk on my foot it hurts an it still swollen it goes down time i try an do exercises or put weight on really hurts my specialist made it harder for me to walk again the part i don’t understand why he had to move the calf of my leg down my big toe is not moving at all.i don’t know what to do i want to walk again my 8 year old daughter is so sad because i can’t take her to school an pick her anymore right now. Thanks for the tips u posted.

    2. In February 2020 I broke my tibia and fibula and ankle when I came down on my foot in a fall. Surgery, and large plate on outside of foot and small plate on inside of ankle. Did PT for 5 months. But now 8 months later, foot is still swelling and very stiff. And scars and leg bone are sore! Not sure whether t do more PT or just more exercise? Bones are healed but foot still swells and looks reddish!

  23. I broke the small bone on my left ankle because it dislocated falling of a four inch step. My right ankle had a avulsion fracture because it rolled off first. 3 months in bed with no weight on either left both quite frozen. That was in July of 2017. I’m a year out now but unfortunately have scar tissue in the broken one. I was told to quit PT and let the inflammation go down. It still gets irritated when I walk to fast as I think it’s digging into the muscle or ligament. If I walk to fast the pain comes with every step and will take weeks to feel better. Standing on tiptoe hurts like crazy for the same reason. ( which is why I think the scar tissue happened in the first place because we were doing therapy pretty heavy on my tiptoes ). I’m getting more complacent and frustrated not knowing if I should push it or quit. I’ve also been trying deeep tissue massage, red light therapy and walking (3 miles at most ) light hiking (hills,uneven surface; for some reason this seems to help not hurt) and I have a Pilates machine but haven’t worked much on it. Any ideas on scar tissue, does it ever get better? I feel if I don’t push it, it will never get used to it digging in to whatever it’s digging into.

  24. Hi Maya,

    I have fractured my calcaneus 4 months back and I have just started walking with lot of limping though.

    Whether Calcaneus fracture is considered as Ankle fracture since it comes as part of the hindfoot?

    But it is too scary as I have a long road to recovery with a plate and 9 screws.

    Have you guided people with Calcaneus fractures?

    Thanks & Regards,

    1. Dr. Maya Novak

      Hi Siva! Welcome and I’m sorry to hear about your calcaneus. To answer your question – yes, I have worked with clients with this type of fractures. But I have to say that my approach to healing is different and not focused so much on the type of fracture but on resolving the mental and emotional issues and helping the body to heal in that way. Clients’ testimonials speak for themselves. Does this resonate with you?

  25. Raveena Sobhani

    Hello Maya,

    I suffered a ankle ligament tear it has been 6weeks now but my ankle swell while sitting in the office.

    Please can you suggest why my ankle is swelling.

    Raveena Sobhani

    1. Dr. Maya Novak

      Raveena, I would love to give you an answer but this is not enough information to do so. Yes, some swelling is normal during recovery, but there are things that you can do to minimize this. If you’d like to talk more about this, please send me an email and let’s see what is happening. Love xx

  26. My question is that I have no actual injury, but my ankle is still swollen (back side of my leg right above the ankle I guess). I went on a trip to Holland – 7days, 2 on spot, rest driving there and back in a bus. After that trip my leg was swollen, I figured it was from that drive – normal thing that happens to my mum and many others after a long drive. But that trip was in the start of May. And it’s basically August now. 4 months and within my last few weeks it has started really hurting and has swollen up a lot more than in the meantime. I can’t go running, but I try my best to keep moving without putting too much pressure on my leg, so I go swimming as often as I can, but the pain is becoming worse.
    No actual injury or surgery done to my leg. That’s up with that?
    I have gained about 8kg within the last 7 months and do a standing/walking/lifting job right now.

    1. Dr. Maya Novak

      Mari, have you checked in with your doctor? To make sure that there is no (soft tissue) injury or anything physical happening with your ankle? xx

      1. I went about 2 months ago and she said that there’s just too much pressure on my leg and that’s why, but I can’t just stop walking. When I applied cold gel one night, the swelling went down more than usual by the morning but was still there and back again withing few hours after waking up.
        I’ve been really considering changing my doctor, because I feel I don’t get the actual results about what’s going on with me (last time I went, I had several issues and got an actual answer to only one that I knew already from the visit a year ago)

        1. Mari, if you feel that you need to change the doctor then don’t hesitate and do this. Keep searching until you find the solution for your situation. xx

  27. Hi Maya, I severely sprained my ankle Aug 2018 then mid Oct my ankle rolled and I broke my ankle. Now 10 months post I still experience a bit of swelling which I have been told is normal but I have bruising still which I don’t know if that is normal 10 months later that just won’t go away. I did not require surgery with my fracture, I can walk long distances, exercise, and no pain associated with it, but the bruising is not going away. Is there anything to help it go away, is it normal post 10 months?

  28. Hi Maya, thanks for this article, I have been unsuccessful in finding answers to my worries for a while now and this helped.
    6 months ago I had a non-displaced fracture to my talar dome and extensive ligament damage around the ankle. I saw a orthopaedic surgeon who didn’t recommend surgery but had me non weight bearing for 6 weeks, and in a boot for a further 6 weeks. I saw a physio regularly too who helped me with exercises. But it’s been about 3 months now since I started walking ‘normally’ and I still experience stiffness in my joint, and pain and swelling if I spend more than one or two hours walking/standing at any one time, or if I’m on my feet a lot in one day. I’m also unable to balance on one foot on the injured ankle without pain and find it difficult to do weight-bearing and standing yoga poses that I used to be able to do with ease.
    I’m trying to work out if this is normal or expected or if I should organise a follow up with the orthopedist or physio, or perhaps try something new?
    With thanks, Eliza.

    1. Hi Eliza, so lovely to see you here! Some swelling is normal early on in the recovery, however, I don’t know how much there is in your ankle. Continuing with the exercises is important and that’s how I not only regained the flexibility of my ankle but my balance as well. Yoga can help (keep on practicing) and if you are interested in all the exercises that I was doing to recover completely, I invite you to join Iron-Built Flexible Ankles (you can read more about the program here.)

  29. Hi Maya.

    I sprained my ankle 5wks ago. I had two xrays to make sure nothing was featured. I’m finally starting to be able to put weight on it, but the swelling is still really bad. My skin still gets the dark pink, and my toes can’t even touch the ground. I’m doing my best with water and cut down my caffeine intake. Any other advice?

    1. I broke my ankle back in September.. I’m a teacher and it swells and hurts at the end of the day.. could arthritis be setting in it?

  30. I was in a car accident on 9-13-2001 and badly twisted my ankle. It became swollen right away. I thought it was broken, but x-rays showed no fracture. It was sore for awhile, but the pain subsided relatively fast. My ankle, however, is still swollen to this day. It has never returned to its natural size. It is still significantly larger than the other one.

  31. Lynwood Belizaire

    Hello Maya,

    I seriously fractured my ankle about 14 weeks ago. It required surgery with plates and screws to repair the damage. I was in a post surgery cast for 3 weeks and a hard plaster cast for 3 more weeks. I was then in an air cast for another 3 weeks. I never walked in my injured ankle while in the different casts. I was instructed to walk with crutches, then one crutch, then a cane. While I am able to put my weight on my injured foot, it is swollen a full size and a half larger than the other foot which has forced me to purchase new shoes! My instep is still pretty stiff and I am just wondering how long my foot will remain so swollen. I am worried that I have ruined my foot for life.

  32. Hi Maya
    I fractured my left ankle 31st August at work. Was sent home with a walking boot for 6 weeks
    After my 3rd week in boot hospital said i can walk for short distances and they have discharged me
    However, today i was walking in trainers very gently weight bearing and some pain and swelling has started
    I am back to work in two weeks, wanted to know this is not too soon is it ? I am able to manage walking gently
    I am at 4 weeks almost

    Thank you for you’re advice

  33. I appreciate all the help & advice & im thinking I would benefit from your Iron Ankle program. First I am going to visit some Drs., get X-ray. I rolled my ankle pretty bad Feb. 2016. I could not get medical attention or ice for 2 years & 5 months because I was incarcerated. I was released in May 2018 & it’s odd because I thought it healed for the most part (but where I was, you don’t do much activity) yet it’s very swollen & I’m limping, starting to compensate in my knee and hip. Now that I am free, I’m able to walk more & I do as much as possible! An hour per day 6 days a week.I always stretch 5 minutes before and after. I’m very flexible and I drink lots of water. Maybe it’s too much. I’m just trying to lose some of the 45 lbs. I had gained & to feel good, I also love running and can last 25 mins so far! I lost 14 lbs in these 3 months. Now that I have a new found love for running , I don’t want to stop OR injure ankle further. It’s sucks! I have to recover from workouts or I may worsen . I think something is wrong or I’ve pushed myself too far and I’m scared to find out but I will go. Knowledge is power and I want to be mobile and self reliant as long as possible! I guess I’ll have to be patient in this weight loss journey & Be gentle with myself.
    My heart breaks for all of you who have had to deal with breaks & surgery & pins & plates! 15 years ago My mom experienced a super bad break and had 9 pins & it was excruciating pain for her! The down time was So sad & depressing but she’s doing pretty good now & also had knee surgery &raves about it. I know my injury is small in comparison to these I’ve read-but the frustration, pain & fear is real. I don’t have a question for you, Maya, I just wanted to say thank you for what you have created & done to help others. You are an inspiration . Also, that guy Jeffrey for the advice on willingness , determination, follow thru with exercises & the colored resistance bands.. thank you.
    Bless you all & I’m sending healing thoughts with love, sm

  34. Well I have an update on my condition.
    I got an appointment for an orthopedic on Sept 27
    The swelling has not gotten to my ankle and it hurts from day to day (once a week) in a way where walking isn’t painful – existing is.
    My personal doctor (the one I can visit for everything) thought it might be Achilleus inflammation and prescribed me another medicine until I get an appointment to an orthopedic which might take up to 4 months around here, but since they come to the city I moved to for school once a month with a “lively order” I just have to be in the right place at the right time to get my leg looked at.

  35. I’ve had three foot/ankle surgeries due to osteo arthritis (most likely caused by a car wreck in 1997). Sub talor and two metatarsals have been fused. Four screws were removed in April and my foot seems to just get worse in regards to pain. I have ordered a machine that circulates cold water to wear at night because that is when the pain is worse. The swelling continues on top of my foot and around ankle but it now is also swelling along but just above my arch. Can’t wear most shoes – from swelling and some extra bone growth (which was shaved down this last surgery). Going on for about two years, but just 5ish months since last surgery. The pain is sharp, stabbing. Foot “feels” hot (not to touch so much) and wearing a sock or having blanket it on is not tolerated. Sometimes when I am exercise/walking I can get a somewhat limp free gait, but it is only when I’m intentional. I can increase water. Am ready to change diet ’cause I’ve gained weight from inactivity. Pain and swelling is becoming about unbearable. Any ideas?

  36. Hi I had a lis-franc fracture on my left foot 11 years ago we ended up doing 3 surgeries i still have swelling. I drink probably 90 oz. Of water daily, very active and eat healthy. I just had my 4th baby and have lost 86lbs since his birth. I weigh less then I did while competing as a thrower in college what gives? I can’t even wear ankle straps I’m missing out on so many cute shoes!! Help!!

  37. Hi I like to share what happened to me.
    On the 9 July 2018. I just woke up that morning and went straight to the ladies room. I was sitting on the pot after 5 or 6 minutes I start feeling dizzy, got hot flushes I went blackout and the next moment I found myself on the floor. Everything happened so fast.
    When I recover I wanted to stand up, but I could not stand on my right lef. My leg was loose it bend from left to right.
    I went immediately to the hospital. Xrays was taken and it shows that both my bones the tibia and fibula got broken. I went for operation the next day the doctor operated on me and put in blades and screws. Today is 3 months and 6 days.
    The fracture surgery was big and the swollen at my ankle is still there and painful. I think it’s very important to drink plenty of water and look to your diet as you say.
    Every one once to know how is it possible to fell from a toilet pot and broke like me. I don’t know how I fell, because I went blackout.

  38. I like the tip you gave to drink a good amount of water everyday to help with the swelling in your ankles after surgery. My doctor told me that I need to get ankle replacement surgery, and I am very concerned about the after effects of it. I will be sure to keep drinking enough water, so my ankle won’t be swollen as long as it would’ve.

  39. I broke my ankle and fibula and underwent surgery in which they placed hardware. I was out for 6 months and did 3 months worth the PT. I’m back to work on my feet for 8 hrs a day and I’m in excruciating pain when I get home barely able to walk with lots of swelling…I’m hoping I didn’t return to work too fast and hurting myself any further.

  40. Hello my left foot was flat no arch so I had surgery. My doctor build me an arch and removed my bunion. it’s now been over two months but my foot feel really tight. I have little swelling I am able to walk on it with my boot no pain but how long before the tightness, swelling, and everything return back to normal?

  41. I broke my ankle (left) 3 months ago. A dislocated fracture. It was thru twisting it accidentally following a bit of water outside the shower. I made a right mess of it apparently. 2 bones and more but don’t have full info as yet. 10 week non-weight bearing. I got myself a knee scooter. Changed my life. Got the ok to now weight bearing last week. I walk like I’ve been through a war (probably have) given I stopped breathing twice in recovery. Good news is, I’m still here but rather frustrated at my gait. I limp and look dead awkward. The pain is worse now than following the break. Very swollen. Elevation should be above your hip I’m told. And I’m between wearing the boot and not. When I go out, it’s encouraged. I thought it would be so easy but it’s isn’t. I guess due to the complex structure of the ankle. You break your arm and the pain is gone following cast removal. The ankle is another story. I was told I’d never be back to the way I was. I want to prove physic wrong.

  42. Hello maya,
    My name is komal and age is 23
    I have met with an accident and been through the tibia fracture surgery and now its 45days passed but still there is swelling near the fractured area
    Im going through Good diet and sleep as well
    Can you please tell me howany days this swelling will be there

  43. Hello Maya….
    I had a Atfl injury last December. I tried physcio therphy to heal without surgery but it didn’t work so, two months ago I undergone Atfl reconstruction surgery, but still I have swelling n pain when I sit or stand for a long time. Is this normal? Please educate on this. Thnku

  44. Hello Ma’am
    I am Heena.. I suffered from ankle sprain( lateral strain and midfoot sprain) even after 3 weeks rest, I still have swelling around my ankles. I can’t walk normally and can’t put my weight on it . Please suggest me the remedy and please let me know if this is normal.

  45. Hi Maya! Great article, hoping you can give me a few things to think about. My right leg was broken due to someone negligence. I was hit by a car. I had surgery and a rod and screws were placed in my leg do to a broken tibia and fibula. It will be a year ago Christmas day. This week alone I have been experiencing swelling in my ankle along with a tingling feeling. When I elevate it it subsides a little. But wondering, is that normal? To be still having symptoms like that after a year.

    1. Like you I got my right leg run over by a car and broke both tibia and fibula, the larger bone they put a rod in. It’s been 4 months and I am still in pain but I think most of the pain comes from swelling because ligaments were strained and years ago when I had a strained ligament in a finger joint it took 7 months before there was no more pain or swelling.
      I am going for more therapy still yet to ad strength to my thigh but I feel it will be one to 3 more months to get back to normal if ever.

      1. I fell down the basement steps and broke the fibula and tibia in three places…I don’t have a rod but 3 metal plates. I broke it in October of 2018. I had two metal plates removed in August of 2019 because the bolts were an issue and it has been five months since that surgery. My heel and the side of my foot is very sensitive still. I wear those special open toed light stretchy stiff socks for strength during the day and they help. I have to wear these cushioned socks I found on Amazon to sleep in because I am a back sleeper and my heel is still so sore. I have done a lot of googling and shopping on Amazon to find things that will help me until this finally heals. My doctors keep telling me it will take time.

  46. Great info! 6 months ago I fractured my ankle. Had surgery and it healed beautifully. 5 days ago out of nowhere it started hurting and swelling again! My diet is fine, I drink lots of water. Is it a possible reinjury? I can barely walk.

  47. My son was in a very bad bike accident. He was in a coma for 2 weeks. Bad brain damage and cant breath without machine. Now after 3 weeks i noticed his right feet and ankle swollen. Doctor took xray today. Hope its not something bad.

  48. Hi Maya. Nov. 6th I had a haglends resection on my right ankle. They used a nerve block during this procedure. It’s January 19th and I’m still experiencing swelling and nerve what I think is nerve pain. My foot feels like I’m walking on hot sand and the front left part of my shin and calf is slightly numb. I have not been able to do all the pt asked of me. I am 255lbs. Any advice or thoughts about swelling and nerve pain?

  49. Hi I wanna ask a question about my ankle right ankle was fractured on 8th December got swelling and an orthopaedic doctor diagnosed medicine for reducing inflammation.i took for one week..then I went for plaster for ankle.the doctor didn’t go for it because I have to travel I went for splint on 19th after seven weeks ankle has swelling but it is not soft.for how much time I have to wear splint and how this swelling will be reduced?i m not having severe ankle pain.please guide me should I go for x ray again??

  50. Hi , I injured my ankle 3 months back while playing football , it got swollen with no pain in it. Well I heard a pop sound when my ankle got injured , and it gets sowllen after a soft walk, I don’t want a surgery, please help me what to do , !!???

  51. i broke my leg and a bit of my ankle and its been 6months after i broke it and my leg is still hurting mostly on the ankle and why is that?

  52. Hello maya, some very interesting feedback for others above! 18 months ago I broke my ankle going down a water slide( broke my tibia shattered my fibia & dislocated my ankle) I had an external fixation for 4 weeks and the internal fixation carried out which includes 2 plates and 11screws I still have swelling and mild pain but recently it’s been hurting a bit more, also my knee is now getting more painful, trying to be active and get fitter, I’m 32 14 1/2 stone, I would be interested to get your thoughts on what to do to improve?

  53. Hi Maya,

    I broke my right ankle and had surgery, plates and screws are fixed inside my bone. It has been 8 months now. I still feel some pain and swollen when I stand continuously for 30 mins. Now I am having some irritating pain on my bottom foot just below the toes. Are there any exercises to bring my life back.

  54. Hi Maya, my ankle is still tender and swollen after 2 months after I sprained my ankle. It doesn’t hurt when I run or excercise but I’m still concerned on why it’s still tender and swollen. I have started following your advice on drinking plenty of water and eating fruits and vegetables.

    1. Try soaking your foot in warm water with epsom salt it worked miracles for me when spraining/rolling my ankle.

  55. I got a foot injury from gymnastics, a lisfranc injury to be exact. I was in 7th grade when I got this injury and was in a boot for over a year. I’m completely healed and I cheer for my high school. I have an amazing amount of mobility and flexibility and I get no pain, but it’s swollen 24/7 and has been like this for the past two years. Compression socks don’t help, my doctors don’t know whybits still swollen. Any advice??

  56. Hi Maya,My father (Age-58) had calcaneus bone fracture in the foot.He was undergone plaster and medication with proper diet.But even after 4 months he is getting pain in foot. There is swelling till now.Even after bone is joined completely,he is not able to give pressure over foot.Please let me know ,what needs to be done in this case.What is the reason for this.

    1. Dr. Maya Novak

      Deepika, I’m so sorry to hear about your father. Did he receive any physical therapy? Of course, only that is not the only solution but with the right guidance, it’s the right step forward. And I hope you and/or him will join us on The Mindful Injury Recovery World Summit to learn how to recover in the best possible way. ❤


    I injured broke my foot up by the 4th and fifth toes 2 months ago. The swelling and pain from that went away. Then yesterday my foot and ankle swelled up and from the back of my ankle up to the back of my knee there’s pain…sometimes sharp pain. Could this stem from the injury 2 months ago?

      1. Hello, on January 16 2019, I was at a basketball practice. I jumped in the air and shot, a ball rolled under my right food Andy when I landed my ankle was twisted sideways. When I fell on it I herd it pop and so did all of my teammates. I could not walk on it to get off the court. I went and sat down and took my shoe off. My ankle was the size of a baseball. Right after practice my mom took me to MedStat. By the time we got there (15 minutes later) my ankle was the size of an 11” softball. We went inside and they took X-rays. They told me it was just a grade 2 sprain. We left and went out and biught crutches and I used them for the next week at school. 2 weeks went by and I could only put a little A little weight on it. I returned to basketball and softball about 3 weeks after the injury and everything was fine. 2 months later I started to have problems with it. In late March I started doing track because my foot was fine i thought. I am a distance runner and I was running the 1600m. I turned the corner and my ankle popped and gave out on me, and I couldn’t finish the race. My dad took me home and I iced the heck out of my ankle but by the next day it was the size of a tennis ball. So I was back on crutches for another day. To this day in May I get small cramps and sharp pains in my ankle and it hurts to the point I start crying. I tape my ankle for every sport I do since the injury. Why do I keep getting these pains and do you think It was more than just a sprain?

        1. Hi I had a talus fracture its going to be 3 weeks since my incident. And the swelling is severe also the feeling of tension on my toes
          Makes me cry to sleep. I lost 10 pounds since I barely eat I was told to drink wheatgrass shoots to help the cartilage and bone to heal. Do you have any insights on a juice diet. Ty.

          1. Dr. Maya Novak

            Kitty, I think there is a time and place for cleansing diets, however, I don’t think that your recovery is the best time to do this. Yes to eating healthy(er). Yes to improving your diet. However, in a way that it’s gentle to your body AND that you get ALL the nutrients your body needs for healing right now. xx

    1. I broke my ankle severely and both bones in the bottom of my leg. The surgery required to fix my ankle was a long and lengthy one where they warned me of the surgery possibly not taking and having to have another surgery. I have three plates and fourteen screws in my ankle and leg now. It’s been around three years ago now and my ankle swells very badly when walking long distances, but also looks definitely bigger than my other one just waking up. I was wondering if getting the metal out would help or make it worse or if there was anything I could do to help decrease swelling. I am on my feet a lot at work.

  58. I fractured my ankle and tibula. On Easter Sunday I just started walking last week. Still throbs and very swollen. This is horrible I’m so embarrassed to walk in public. That’s all I’m done crying about it poor me. ? ? Lol. But for reals.

  59. Thank you for this very helpful information. I had my talonavicular and adjacent joints fused, owing to severe arthritis, 17 months ago. Throughout, all has gone well, yet my ankle still swells as the day wears on. Any additional advice would be most welcome.

  60. About 5 years ago I broke my ankle and fibula; I actually dislocated the ankle as well. It was pretty bad. I continue, after all these years, to have a lot of swelling. I’ve asked several doctors and they say that it’s due to scar tissue. I just can’t understand how this is still possible after this long. I’m feeling very frustrated. I drink tons of water and have a pretty well-balanced diet. Any recommendations? I’m grasping at straws here. Thank you!

    1. I had same injury Nov, 2019 and still with plate and screws in me. Ankle swells as day goes and pains on foot and heel and painful limping. How do I get rid of this also?

  61. I had surgery to fuse bones at the top of my right foot. It has been two months and I am still in a boot and there is still major swelling.. Went to my doctor a week ago and he said that I need to keep the boot for another month. This seems very unusual. Your thoughts?

  62. I had ankle surgery July 26, 2019 and I have been to theory for 6 weeks and were going twice a week and my ankle is still swollen until I can’t go to far from home.

  63. Hi. I dislocated my ankle kite surfing which broke bones in my ankle and the fibula bone, below my knee. I had surgery. 2 screws put in to to join the two leg bones above my ankle.

    Two questions
    1) its been 2 weeks since surgery. Is it normal that my ankle is still swollen?

    2) Do I need to.have these titanium screws removed at a later date? Or can I keep them in.

    I’m stuck in vietnam so your advice is much appreciated

  64. I broke my ankle 2 years ago.

    My ankle is still very swollen I’m getting shooting pains. Also when walking it will sometimes give out on me. It also goes numb.. I can go up a set of stairs on that foot first. I went to my local a&e today and they said to just rest. Didn’t even look at my ankle. Is this normal thank you

    1. Porshapig01, it does look like that it’s a new ‘normal’ state for you. Could it be different 2 years after the fracture? Yes, absolutely. And even though rest could help, doing just that, in my experience, is often not enough. Perhaps it would be good to check in with your physiotherapist and discuss your situation. Another option is to schedule a Connection Call with me so that we can create a plan for you that will help you ease the swelling and pain. If this calls you, please know that I’m not offering any ‘magic pills’. That being said, my private clients have great success with the work they do with my guidance. You can check some of the testimonials here. With love ❤ xx

  65. I broke my ankle almost two years ago also…bad break with three different breaks. I had three plates put in, two removed about 8 months later which means two incisions in the same place. I still experience stiffness, tender spots and swelling from time to time. My doctor said I would experience issues probably for life…I am 66 so age didn’t help in the healing process. I was told drinking lots of water and getting a good nights sleep would help. I bought different open toed compression socks for support…and found a good ankle brace at Walgreens that helps…I recently purchased a foot spa that requires water so I can soak my foot.

  66. I broke my talus and medial Malleous 8 weeks ago. On the medial side it still hurts to put weight on it and with any movement. Still have some swelling. I had no surgery just the boot for 8 weeks. I’ve elevated, iced, compression socks etc. nothing helps. Is this normal or is it not healing correctly. I’m supposed to get a MRI but still waiting on an appointment.

  67. Hi maya
    I had an accident 6 weeks ago,upper tibia fracture and ankle sprain,my ankle is swollen and hurts with small movement,not put weight since six months

  68. I am 6 weeks post ACL knee surgery. I have had swelling in my ankle on and off, but the last two days, this is the worst it has been since surgery…. Is this normal or should I be concerned?

  69. Terry Lynn Belcher Jacobs

    Hello, I ‘ve read through the article and most of the stories shared, mine is a little different. I broker the Tibia, Fibula and Talus bones. I am put together with 2 plates and 12 screws. I went to physical therapy for about 1 month every other day but had to get back to work, so I quit therapy. It’s been 2 years and I still walk with a limp, the ankle doesn’t move and I am in some pain but tolerable.
    Is it to late for therapy and will I ever be able to walk again?


  71. I broke my Left ankle in 3 places 7 months ago. Surgery. 3 plates, 23 screws. In a cast for 4 months. “Walking cast” for 2 months. Now, in ankle brace. I take brace off around 3:00 pm every day to try to strengthen ankle. I do PT exercises at home 3x/day.
    I walk with a cane. I “dance” holding onto a chair & using my cane. I walk around the house, do chores like laundry. Balance still not great, so husband vacuums & mops.
    I don’t trust myself to vacuum, might trip over the hose etc. Fear of falling is bad.

    3 days ago, my Right ankle/foot/lower leg was horribly swollen when I got up in the morning. Elevated both feet for 20 min. Left ankle/foot OK. But right foot/ankle/lower leg still bad. I did not hurt my Right foot/ankle in the fall. What could be going on? What can I do to alleviate this?

  72. Hi, I had ankle surgery 4 years back. But whenever I stand for two hours or walk for little long than usual it pains a lot and starts to swell. I really need your help to know if it’s normal , is there a way that I can get rid of this problem for ever.

  73. I had surgery for a trimalleolar ankle fracture of the left ankle on April 14, 2021, non-weight bearing for nine weeks, and physical therapy for strength and flexibility since mid-May. Everything was going well with me progressing until I had a slight limp when walking without the cane. Was released by the doctor last week, no longer require the brace, and had my last physical therapy on Monday. During that physical therapy session, the therapist increased the resistance on the bike from 1 to 4 and the time from 6 minutes to 10 minutes. She also increased the weight on the leg lift/calf raise machine and added additional exercises. Since then, my ankle has been painful and swollen in the joint and around the plates/screws and incision scars, where I have not had swelling for several weeks. I’m elevating and icing to reduce swelling, but should I be concerned the ankle was re-injured?

    1. Dr. Maya Novak

      Hi Kade. From what you shared this might be just the result of the increased intensity. Talk to your physio and tell her what has been happening and if you could potentially increase the intensity a bit slower. The physio’s job is to push you so that you progress, but not at the expense of suffering. When in pain and with your ankle swollen, don’t be afraid to take a day or two or even three off. It’s ok. Your progress won’t reverse. If you’re really worried that something happened to your ankle, call your doctor and make an appointment. Hope this helps ❤ xx

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