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When Will You Be Able To… After An Injury

There is a question that I’m getting over and over again. Are you also wondering when are you going to be able to do ‘something’ after the injury?

Yes, normally you can get an approximate timeline of when you’ll get there. And it’s true that it’s usually easier to predict things early on in your recovery. For example, after a fracture, most people will need to wear a cast for 6 to 8 weeks before easing back into moving the injured part of the body.

However, this video is not completely about that.

In this video, I’m also going into something that most injured women and men are not aware of.

The downside of trying to get this answer.

Discover the potential downside of trying to get the answer to the question of when you'll be able to do xyz after an injury: Click To Tweet

Tune in to get the answer…

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“When will I be able to X, Y, Z?” You know, walk/run/dance/wear heels/flex my toes/fill-in-the-blank.

That’s a question that comes up over and over. It’s an important one, to say the least.  But its also a double-edged sword. Here’s why…

When you’re injured, you want to have a timeline. For instance, say you’re at three, four, five, or even six months post-accident, you find yourself asking,

When will I be able to do this…?

Do people with a similar injury walk by X months?

When will I be able to walk unassisted? Hike? Run? Climb?

But stop right there… the hidden danger in these types of questions is,

It doesn’t tell you anything about your potential!

If you pose a question to a community, you’re going to get a deluge of answers. Most of the answers will give you some sort of perception of what you can expect. But these answers don’t tell you what you’re capable of. 

It’s treacherous.

When we ask about other people’s timelines and then start receiving answers, we start tuning into others’ stories.  Then we start tuning into their beliefs. And you know where the danger lurks?

Their limitations become your limitations, as well.

What if you were actually capable of much, much more? You might come to just “here” because you believed that since the majority have reached that point, it’s the farthest you can go. You believed this was normal, and so to your mind, this is all you are capable of doing!

Treacherous indeed.

When I’m asked… “Maya, when do you think will I be able to do X, Y, and Z?” My answer is, “It really depends….”

While Facebook groups and support communities are great at connecting similarly situated people, you must remember that YOU are NOT a GROUP OF PEOPLE. You are an individual.  It’s not just what type of injury you have that matters. It also depends on what kind of recovery you have AND what kind of protocol you follow.

Discover the potential downside of trying to figure out when you'll be able to do xyz after an injury: Click To Tweet

A lot of people mostly focus just on the physical aspect – the exercises, the physical therapy. Awesome. But the physical part is just one dimension of recovery.

An equally pressing aspect is what kind of recovery or healing protocol you have for your emotional and mental state. How you handle and resolve your fears, anxiety, sadness, guilt, frustration, anger, and stress will influence your recovery. Everything that happens on the inside will manifest on the outside. Simply put, how you feel will definitely show in your body.

You can have two people with the same injury, with the same type of surgery.

However, one is going to be doing great, while

the other one is going to be lagging.


The difference lies in their emotional states.

Before asking “When will I be able to do this and that …”, ask yourself:



What I can tell you is that what I got out of this recovery, was a healing journey that went beyond just the physical aspect. When I found myself taking my first step, my first fun, my first long-distance triathlon, my first hike… all my firsts – I received so much more than physical healing.

Do you find yourself asking about timelines? Then ask yourself, why does it even matter knowing when you could do X, Y, and Z? 

Think about it. Maybe this is something for you to journal about.

Feel free to share your answers with me after this exercise.

Your next step…

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Much love xx

Dr. Maya

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