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UPDATE: 8 Years After a Broken Ankle

This Saturday I’m celebrating my 8th anniversary of the rock-climbing accident that left me with a broken and dislocated ankle.

And I truly am celebrating because that life-changing moment catapulted me into a completely new and (back then) scary world.

Because of that accident, all the heart-dropping prognosis, and my refusal to accept what seemed like a lifetime sentence, I am here today, helping you and hundreds of thousands injured people around the world.

The last 8 years have been an incredible mixture of studying, researching, testing, helping, conquering, and never giving up. 

Because I quite often get questions about how my ankle is doing now, this 8th anniversary felt like a very good time to give you an update.

In this video, you will get an update on what’s been happening with my ankle, as well as discover what truly helped me heal the way I did + how THIS has been helping my clients as well.

Tune in… 

Things mentioned in the video:

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Love and gratitude xx

Dr. Maya

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  1. Hi, just a thought…I think it can be done for the teeth also. There are meridians governing all of the body. Its important cause we’re getting with years less of them and artificial materials are also used all the time so it impacts our health. What do you think? Just enamel has to remineralize or regrow like bark. Also third set can grow. Any ideas?

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