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Are Your Priorities Supporting Or Hindering Your Healing Efforts

Do you have a goal or three for your recovery?

It could be that you have one main goal – for most people, this is:

  • getting back to normal as soon as possible

And then smaller ones that are popping up as you’re moving forward with your healing. Such as:

  • start walking again,
  • stop limping,
  • lift my kid(s) again,
  • travel with ease with my family,
  • etc.

Sounds amazing, right? To be back to normal, or as I prefer to say, ‘bounce forward’ because, in reality, this is what healing is truly about.

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What if I told you that you can have all the amazing goals for your recovery but they might not come true because they are not really your priority?

At first glance it doesn’t make sense, right? Because you want to be better!

Here’s the thing.

What you consciously think and what is happening with you on a deeper level can be two completely different things.

Your conscious goal is to heal as fast as possible but you unconsciously sabotage yourself.

So this week I’m guiding you through the process of uncovering what your priorities are and how to make your healing your #1 priority so that you recover in the best possible way as soon as possible.

Tune in to discover how.

Prefer reading?

Please continue…

Today’s topic may trigger you. It can potentially put you on the defensive and even make you indignant.

If it does, then pay special attention. It means I’m pushing some buttons. Something needs your attention.

So let’s talk about PRIORITIES.

Are your priorities SUPPORTING your efforts? Or are they HINDERING THEM?

When we talk about priorities, I often hear…

I don’t have the time!

I can’t do this?

I don’t know how to do this?

I’m not sure I want to commit to this process…

The list grows. We all have reasons and excuses. We all pull those excuses out of our bags because it’s convenient to do.

But here’s the thing. (And I am posing a challenge here.) Instead of saying I CAN’T, or I DON’T, or whatever it is in the negative, why not say… “I WON’T BECAUSE IT’S NOT MY PRIORITY”?

I won’t change my schedule because it’s not a priority.

I won’t find the time because it’s not my priority.

I won’t commit to this process because it’s just not my priority right now.


You see, if an objective is important to you, you make the time. You make the mental, emotional, and physical space for it regardless of circumstance. And yes, that includes financial investments as well – when something is important to you, you make it happen.

Until we are completely honest with ourselves, we cannot change things and we cannot move forward.

Let’s say, the phone rings and you pick it up. The person on the other end says,

“Hi, I’m calling from Oprah’s office and she wants to meet you next week. Can we make this happen?” or “Hi, you were just selected to have lunch with the Dalai Lama next month. Can we make this happen?” (or whatever it is that would make you jump out of your seat, make your heart sing, and get you excited.)

Would you reply with “I’m sorry I don’t have the time, I don’t have the energy, I’m not sure if I want to commit to this.”? Or would you say… “ABSOLUTELY!  I WANT TO DO THIS! YES, LET’S MAKE THIS HAPPEN!”?

What just happened here?

Your schedule is the same. You’ve got the same level of energy. You’ve got the same problems. And yet, your priorities changed in an instant!



Discover if your priorities are supporting or hindering your healing efforts Click To Tweet

Let me tell you this… you can set any and all conceivable (recovery) goals for yourself. But if your actions are not supporting your goals, then you are not going to achieve them.  It’s going to take so much longer to get where you want to go.

When we talk about priorities, we talk about inner work. If you do not work on the mental or emotional side of the recovery, you’re going to suffer much more, and yes, your journey is going to be longer.  Of course you don’t want that!  You don’t want to stay in a rut for the next few months or even years! You want to get back to normal as soon as possible.

When it comes to goals and achieving goals,
we will always have obstacles.

There are two types of obstacles – the external and the internal. Internal obstacles are those that sabotage us.

For instance, we can “think” that we want to be healed. But we are not achieving those goals because we aren’t resolving what is happening within the emotional and mental spectrum.

When it comes to recovery,
it’s extremely important to work on
every aspect of healing.

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What are your priorities right now?  Which one is a top priority? I encourage you to write down 10 and order them on a sheet of paper.

On the other side of the same sheet, jot down WHAT you are doing to achieve these priorities every single day.

Is your healing a priority? Is it a top priority? A number one? Is it a number two? Or a number three?  If it isn’t a number one, why is something else more important to you at this moment in your healing?

If your healing is there and you just realized that your actions are not supporting it, ask yourself why you are doing this. Why are your actions not supportive of your priority?

Here are a few questions that you can ask yourself.

Where am I losing time?

Where am I losing precious energy?

Why won’t I make it a priority right now?

What am I getting out of it if I’m not making it a priority right now?

The last one can be especially triggering… But hear me out. Is it because it makes you feel good that someone else is taking care of you? Perhaps you don’t have the same amount of responsibilities as before when you weren’t injured. What are you getting out of this if you are not making it a priority?

I know these are tough questions. They are meant to trigger and push your buttons. But as I mentioned in the beginning, the first step is being honest with yourself. Until you know what’s happening in your mind (in your inner world), you cannot change things.

When we talk about what to do to heal, most people think that physical recovery takes precedence over anything. So the logical thing they do is spend time, money, and energy on the physical aspect of their recovery.

Absolutely nothing wrong with working on that! But if you’re going to focus on this ALONE (or mostly on this), you’re setting yourself up for disappointment. You’ll get better, alright, but neglecting your inner self will make you achieve what you want at a much slower pace.

Remember, when you change what’s happening on the inside, you stop sabotaging yourself.  You begin to take a different kind of action and you start healing differently, as well.

Ask yourself

What are the things you can start doing now that can go beyond the physical aspect?

Forget about the physical exercises that you do with your physiotherapist.

What else can you do?

This is something that I always do with my clients. Our list is a living list – it changes all the time. What we list down will change within a couple of days, weeks, or months… because we resolve these.

If you’re doing this on your own, you have to pay special attention and update your list again and again. When you resolve something, something else might take its place because it needs your attention NOW.

It’s easier, of course, to have someone guide you through this. The advantage of having a guide is not just for support and direction, but for accountability as well. When you are accountable to someone, you’re less likely to pull excuses out.

Your next step…

Are you finally at that moment when you’re ready to say: “Enough is enough! I’m changing this!”

Great! Because then it’s time for us to talk. Schedule a call with me right now and let’s remove every obstacle that stands between now and your completely recovered future.

Talk  to  you  soon xx

Dr. Maya

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