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Why Not Healing Completely From Your Injury Might Be Even Better

I remember standing in a small local store with the crutches and waiting for Jerry to pay our groceries. I don’t remember exactly when it was, but it was early after the surgery. A lady entered the store and saw me. She approached us and said: ″I fractured my ankle some time ago and it took me a year to heal and I’m still not ok.″

It wasn’t easy for me to hear it… well, to be completely honest, I was sure she was delusional because ″MY recovery is not gonna take me so long, and YES, I’m gonna be like I was before.″

Since I started helping women with physical injuries, I have actually never met anyone who said: ″I don’t want to recover and I want my recovery to be as long as possible.(Their actions might be telling me something else, but that’s a topic for some other time.)

I often hear: ″I want to be healed already,″ and ″I just want things to be as they were before.″

Who doesn’t want to be ok, right?

Who doesn’t want to heal the physical injury and be pain-free?

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So today’s topic is definitely controversial, because it touches on something that so many women (and men) with injuries don’t want to hear about.

What if things will never be the same again?…

Tune in to learn why this might/could be even better for you!

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Today’s topic is a bit controversial because I’m going to talk about why NOT HEALING COMPLETELY COULD BE EVEN BETTER FOR YOU.

Why would I ever say that?! 

Well before I go into details, this topic is for you if:

  • You’ve done everything in your power to get better;
  • You’ve done all the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual work; and
  • You had all your bases covered from nutrition to coaching…

BUT things aren’t coming together. 

You aren’t where you want to be. You’re neither at 100% nor at 95%. In fact, the very nature of your injury might be making that an impossibility.

It’s disappointing to see how much frustration this causes people. They blame themselves, wondering what they did wrong? Why aren’t things still coming together despite their efforts? And what did they do to deserve this?

“Why me? Why is this happening to me?!” they ask.

So here’s my question…WHY NOT YOU?

Indeed,  WHY NOT YOU?

What if this situation is giving you an advantage in life? What if this brings more joy, more love, more happiness, abundance… more everything? Would you still see it as a failure or a curse?

Or would you see it more as a blessing?

It’s not very often but women (and sometimes men) come to me saying that they’re glad they did not heal 100% because this injury made them leap forward in life. Because of their “incomplete” recovery, they’ve finally shone a light on things they used to take for granted.

…and if it weren’t for the accident/sickness/injury, the graces that fell their way wouldn’t have happened.

So what if you aren’t good as new? Less than 100% made you grow as a person.  Think about it.

Maybe this is part of your soul’s fulfillment. Maybe this was what you really needed at this point in time. Your injury acted as a catalyst.

Have you ever come across a video or a story of a physically disabled person who manages to live an awesome life?  (In fact, a life more awesome than most able-bodied people?)

Do you think they’d still be living this incredible life if it wasn’t for their physical disability?


My point is, we love to be in our own comfort zones. Once there, there really is no reason to get out of it. I mean, why shake things when everything is working?

But THE MAGIC HAPPENS WHEN WE LEAVE OUR COMFORT ZONES. Our soul, our higher-self knows exactly what it needs. 

Your incomplete recovery can be the biggest blessing, the biggest advantage in your life.

So let me help you with this – let’s journal…

If you’ve been following me for a while, you know how I love writing my thoughts in a journal.  Writing things down organizes your thoughts and helps you think with clarity. I’d like you to journal your thoughts to put things in perspective. 

All my clients make significant progress because they write their thoughts down and this helps them heal inside out so beautifully. Our bodies respond to what’s happening on the inside. It won’t matter whether your healing is at 50%, 90%, or even 100%.

HEALING IS NOT ABOUT PERCENTAGE, IT’S ABOUT HOW YOU FEEL INSIDE because what you feel will definitely reflect on the outside.   

Here are two questions I’d like you to answer:

               Question No. 1 – What would I have to let go of in my life if I don’t heal completely?

               Question No. 2 – What would I have to welcome in my life if I don’t heal completely?

The first question is about letting go, while the second one is about inviting something (new) into your life.

Your next step…

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Love and healing xx

Dr. Maya

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  1. This is food for thought maya. Much physical and emotional energy is spent worrying about getting fully healed and back to how things were before. It’s a huge pressure. I’m 10 months into my recovery from a serious ankle injury and I’ve heard it could be 18 months to 2 years before everything is healed. Patience is hard but I think maybe it IS important to answer the questions you’ve suggested we ask. After all, it’s part of the reality we worry about so maybe it’s worth exploring the possibility rather than blanking it out and refusing to entertain the thought. With that opened up, who knows, it may even help healing in one way or another. I’m wondering what has prompted you to mention this at this time? Take care, Bernadette

    1. Dr. Maya Novak

      Bernadette, it’s great that this gave you something to think about. You’re right – so many different things help with healing and I’m absolutely positive that this can be one of them for you.
      What has prompted me to mention this at this time? I always follow my intuition and inspiration and it really felt right to share it this week ?❤ So much love xx

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