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How to Keep The Right Attitude During Recovery

When I had my talus bone broken three years ago, I was not in a happy place. It was difficult going through surgery and struggling between therapy.  But never did I think that I would never run again. While today I still experience improvements with my ankle, I am proud to say I have gone beyond what my doctors told me I could do when I was recovering.

Charles R. Swindoll was spot on when he said, “life is 10% of what happens to you and 90% how you react to it“.

I’ve had people come up to me and say they believe they cannot run again. They say they would just be happy to be able to walk again after months. I cringe at such statements but I know how difficult it is to have the right attitude especially during challenging moments.

So, I have some tips on how you can keep the right attitude during recovery. Actually, this is applicable if you are going through any kind of tough times (not just physical ones).

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#1 Create a vision board

When we moved to Wanaka, I imagined myself doing the Challenge Wanaka triathlon, but then my ankle incident happened. I did not lose my vision, though. One of the things that kept me doing my exercises, stretches and diet was the vision that one day I will be joining the Challenge. And I did – twice.

If you’re feeling a little lost right now, I suggest you stop and think about what you expect and what you want to happen during your recovery.

Find a place where you can unload all your fears, your thoughts, and your negative expectations in order to create a positive vision for yourself. Our mind is such a powerful tool. Feed it with negative thoughts and you end up with a negative life. Feed it with powerful goals and you end up becoming better. Once you’ve created a vision for yourself then I suggest you create a vision board that you can place in your room or in your office. You can even make it your phone’s wallpaper! You have to see this vision every single day to remind you why you have to stick to your diet or why you have to do your exercises. Keep a positive mindset to make things easier for you.

#2 Believe you can

Henry Ford once said, “Whether you think you can or cannot, you are right“. You can do all the activities, eat the right food, but when you have the wrong mindset then you are setting yourself for failure. You have to talk to your mind that your possibilities are not dictated by other people but by your own efforts. Drown out the negative thoughts with a positive mindset so you can accomplish things easier. Imagine you’re driving but you keep hitting the brakes thinking you might crash into something. It would take you longer to reach your destination. Just trust yourself and drive!

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#3 Surround yourself with positive people

My friend came over a couple of days ago to talk about her ankle recovery and how her physiotherapist told her she could not run again. I was glad that I was able to talk to her instead of someone who would just tell her the same things her physiotherapist told her. It’s a negative world out there. More people will tell you what you cannot do rather than what you can do. Ignore them. Or better, get away from them. You don’t need that kind of negativity in your life.

Find people who will help you be better or can encourage you to move forward. This is why support groups are very effective during recoveries and tragedies. Having someone else believe in you makes it easier to believe yourself.

If you’re down, don’t go have a pity party with mediocre or negative people. Find someone who can inspire you or lift you up.

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With love xx

Dr. Maya

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