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Dissolving Sickness Meditation / Visualization

If you’re on my email list or follow me on social media (especially FB) you know that I shared with you last week how my husband got from really high fever to no fever within 24 hours when he started doing this powerful meditation/visualization – Dissolving Sickness.

I came up with it a few years ago when I had a really high fever myself and it worked like magic – not in just my case, but I’ve been sharing this one with my clients, friends, family members and it works every single time.

And because I got so, so many requests from you, I decided to record it and give it to you so that you can help yourself.

When you start doing this, it might be enough for you to do it one time, but often it’s good if you repeat it a few times over the day, and especially just before you fall asleep. So when the lights are off, the phone is off, you’re ready to fall asleep, do this meditation/visualization and fall asleep while doing it.

I’ve been using this one for fever and some forms of pain with my clients, but if you use it for something else as well and it helps you, I’d love to hear about it – please share in the comment below.

And if you’re injured and interested in more specific healing meditations and visualizations, you’ll get 28 of those in my Completely Healed Academy program.

And now, let’s beginning with Dissolving Sickness… 

0:00 – 2:25 – what, why, how
2:25 – 15:22 – Dissolving Sickness meditation/visualization

If you think this meditation would help anyone else as well, please share it with them.

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