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What Are Beliefs & How They Can Make You Suffer More… Or Less (Part 1/2)

Last week I asked my community for a bit of help with the creation of a new 2-part video series.

I was positive that you’d find it interesting even without this input, but I wanted to make sure that it’s going to be very helpful to you. I wanted to make sure that I covered everything so that you make the most out of this.

So thank you for answering those few questions in the survey! It helped a lot.

in the first video you’ll discover:

  • What are beliefs and how they are formed
  • How all the beliefs are connected and why some people suffer more and others not at all
  • How beliefs contribute to physical, mental, and emotional suffering
  • What happens to you when you accept empowering beliefs

Tune in… 

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Love and gratitude xx
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