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2 Techniques / Practices That Will Help You Recover Better From Your Injury

Here are two facts:

Fact #1: The calmer and more supported you feel, the faster you will recover.

Fact #2: Fake it till you make it doesn’t really work here.

We cannot fake being calm and at ease. Perhaps it can look like this on the outside, but if there’s a tornado happening inside of you, it will affect your healing.

You cannot cheat on yourself. Right?

That’s why it’s so extremely important to go beyond just the physical aspect and deal with what is happening on the inside (I shared more about this last week).

My healing toolbox that I share with my clients consists of so many practices and techniques. But today I want to highlight 2.

These two will help you calm and rewire your nervous system which will positively affect your healing.

Tune in to learn about these two healing practices… 

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Please continue…

You want to heal better and faster? Who doesn’t, right? Well, today you’re in for a treat!

Last week, I talked about wound healing beyond the traditional approach. We went from the tip of the iceberg to way below the surface. We discussed and uncovered issues that need your attention to help your body heal.


But today, I want to talk about two powerful techniques that I work on with all my clients, and that you definitely want in your recovery toolbox.

The first technique is…


What does meditation do?

Meditation helps calm your nervous system down. This is important because stress prolongs your healing time. Further, it helps calm your mind. When your mind is calm and you don’t have a gazillion things happening inside, you are internally calm. This, too, helps with healing.

People often think that they need to be seated in a lotus position, chanting all sorts of mantras. But this is just one type of meditation. You could actually do meditation while walking (walking meditation … yes, there IS such a thing.) or even lying down.

Any meditation technique will do. Since you’re here I’m assuming that you’re injured and perhaps your movement is limited because of the type of injury you have. So whether you’re seated on the couch, in a bed, or in a wheelchair, then meditating in that position does the trick, as well.

When you have a daily meditation practice in your toolbox, you can expect great results, especially if you are combining it with resolving emotional and mental turmoil.  Those are the things that really need your attention during recovery, although regular meditation practice is best at calming, but not necessarily resolving them. So, meditation, thumb up. Meditation with resolution – two thumbs up!

Makes sense?

Wouldn’t it be great if you had a roadmap to complete healing of your injury?

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The second technique is…


Why do you need to visualize?

For complete healing to occur, MEDITATION isn’t enough. Put differently, MEDITATION WORKS BEST IN TANDEM WITH VISUALIZATION.


In other words, meditation calms your nervous system down, while visualization reprograms it.

Plus, how do you know where you’re going if you don’t know where you want to go?

Your body follows your mind and your imagination. So be careful what you are visualizing day in and day out. (The fact is that we all are visualizing constantly, but the difference is that some of us are doing this consciously and with intention.)

You see, without visualization, I probably wouldn’t have crossed the finish line when I was doing my first long-distance triathlon after my rock-climbing accident. In fact, I wouldn’t be sitting here today writing this. I wouldn’t have this business of helping people around the world, coaching such amazing women!

Visualization is not sorcery. It has been scientifically proven to create NEW NEURAL PATHWAYS in the brain.

With meditation, you put yourself into a “calming” mode. You focus on perhaps just one word or on not having any thoughts so that your mind is completely empty.

But with visualization, you are alert. You are visualizing and creating those images. You are imagining what is going to happen in the future or what you want to bring into the present moment.

I like healing visualization…No, I LOVE healing visualization. The reason being, WHAT HAPPENS IN YOUR MIND TRANSLATES INTO YOU BODY. What you think of, manifests itself on the outside.

My Racing Story

I did tons of visualization when I was healing and I was doing even more visualization work when I was preparing for my first and second races.

My first race was in 2015, two years and four months after my accident. Truth be told, I didn’t know how I was going to wing it. It’s funny when I think about it now. Imagine, I knew how to swim but I never really learned how to do freestyle. Three months before the race, I couldn’t do one single lap in the pool.  How was I ever going to do nearly 2km in open water? Or at the very least, finish?!  But I soldiered on. I made a conscious effort to do consistent (and persistent) training.  In the end, my body kind of gave up and accepted that it knows how to swim freestyle after all. AND…

I managed to complete a half Iron Man distance (1.9 km swim, 90 km bike, 21 km run) in seven hours!!!

Seven hours is certainly respectable!  With non-injured athletes clocking in six hours, here was my recently recovered self, finishing at seven hours!

I couldn’t put my joy into words!

I just know that visualizing myself triumphantly crossing the finish line definitely helped.


Have you ever watched a horror flick?

You KNOW it isn’t real, that behind the scenes there are actors, cameras, CGI effects, and a makeup crew. Despite that, you are pulled into the story. You feel the panic and fear.

This goes to show that your mind doesn’t completely distinguish real from reel. You still get the same feelings of trepidation and terror, regardless of the truth.

Another example is this. Let’s do a quick experiment. Imagine yourself cutting a soft, juicy lemon into wedges. Now take one wedge and hold it close to your mouth. Imagine the tart, citrusy smell of the lemon.

Now bite into it…oh, the burst of sour and sweet rolling on your tongue and your cheeks!

Is your mouth watering yet? I did this exercise a while ago and my mouth was watering. And I’m salivating again as I write!

This is visualization at work and your body following it. You can lead your body with the power of imagination and visualization. This is the reason why I created the Healing Visualization Mastery course and also Guided Healing Meditations. that are a part of the Completely Healed Academy. Having guided healing meditations and visualizations handy can help in a big way. You don’t need to think about what you need to do. All you need to do is relax, listen, and let your mind do the magic.

… your body will definitely respond.

What’s next…

Are these 2 healing techniques enough?

They’re powerful, however, they might not be enough. You can meditate and visualize all you want but if your belief system doesn’t support your recovery, and if you have unresolved emotional and mental issues holding you back, these two alone might not help you.

That’s why I said at the beginning that these are just 2 out of many in my healing toolbox that I share with my clients.

Do you want to make sure that you have all that you need for your recovery?

Then let’s chat and let me help you solve this recovery puzzle.

When healing physical trauma personalized guidance is priceless!

Book a call with Dr. Maya and discover how the Mindful Injury Recovery Method can help you heal quickly & effortlessly so that you can start enjoying your life again.

With love xx

Dr. Maya

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