Ep. 1: Dr. Maya Novak – Welcome to the Mindful Injury Recovery Talks

The conventional medical approach to treating physical trauma is simply not enough!

This is the reason Dr. Maya created The Mindful Injury Recovery Talks. This show focuses on healing physical trauma holistically.

The episodes are released on a weekly basis.

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  • Dr. Maya Novak’s book:
  • Discover more about the book here
  • The Mindful Injury Recovery World Summit [access here]

Dr. Maya Novak:
Welcome to The Mindful Injury Recovery Talks with... me. I'm your host Dr. Maya Novak, and I'm really excited about this show.

This podcast focuses on healing physical trauma holistically.

The main reason for this is that you, me, everybody, really, we are more than just a bunch of cells moving around.
We have a rainbow of emotions – some feel good, some not so much… we have thoughts – that sometimes help us and other times are the meanest companions one could imagine, right? We have beliefs – on one hand, those that are empowering and on the other hand, those that are holding us back… in every area of our lives – healing included.

So there are a lot of things happening internally with you but the conventional medical approach to treating any kind of physical trauma is to zoom in and focus just on the body, and even more so, on one specific body part, that part that’s been injured. And THIS is where things very often go wrong.

You are more than just that body part and you deserve more. More information, more guidance, more insights, more tools, more of everything.

So this is where my guests and I come in.

I’ve been helping clients from all over the world for many years now, and I see over and over again that most are sent home from hospitals to wait and then do a regular protocol of physiotherapy - if they’re lucky, because sadly, some doctors don't even recommend physiotherapy to their patients.

And as I mentioned many times before, there's a missing link in that approach. It simply is not enough.

I went through the whole recovery process myself… I had a rock-climbing accident in 2012, which left me with a broken and dislocated ankle (talus bone, to be more precise) and according to my doctors, the life that I had known until then should have been over.
Potential limping and pain for the rest of my life, as well as avascular necrosis (which is the bone dying off) were just some of the things that I heard in the hospital.

I knew that I was more (just as you are) and I had a feeling that my body could heal beyond expectations. And it did.

If you want to know the whole story, how I did it, what’s been helping my clients, and how to turn things around, feel free to order my book Heal Beyond Expectations on Amazon.

And perhaps you’re interested in my background as well… which is in medicine, I’ve also studied and have certifications in clinical hypnotherapy, nutrition, NLP, and Time Line Therapy. So my approach to healing injuries is a blend of all of this and my personal experience.

Now, a few more words about The Mindful Injury Recovery Talks.

The purpose of all of my interviews is to inspire you and empower you. To give you tools and insights for your healing journey.

I previously hosted two summits called The Mindful Injury Recovery World Summit where I was joined by experts including Dr. Bruce Lipton, Dr. Lissa Rankin, Dr. Dawson Church, Dr. Sue Morter, Dr. Jeffrey Thompson, Dr. Brooke Goldner, and many others.

And even though the events were extremely well received by both injured people and medical professionals, you know, giving people the opportunity to tune into helpful interviews full of invaluable information just once per year just doesn't make sense.

And this is the reason why we are here – January 2023 – this is going to be an amazing year; I can feel it in every fiber of my body… and I’m honored and grateful for you to join us on this journey of discovering how to become free from physical trauma. Because it is possible.

On average the interviews will be an hour long – some a bit longer, some a bit shorter, but all of them will provide incredible insights and tools that you need on this healing journey. Because it is a journey – full of ups and downs… and anything in between. It’s a journey of discovery, change, growth, and you’re not only healing your physical body - you’re becoming whole again.

So… at the beginning of every talk, we’ll get to know the guest a bit, and then we’ll dive deep into the topic. Somewhere during the conversation, we’ll also have hands-on work.
I think that we can both agree that theory is great but the implementation is what really matters when we want to see changes in our healing and life. So we’ll take time for implementation as well and it’s going to be as versatile as guests… and this is something really, really exciting,

Now you know a bit about me, about this podcast – what you can expect – and… also, in the intro of every episode you’ll discover a little more about me. I’ve worked with a great voice artist Martin Whiskin and at the beginning of every episode Martin will tell you a different lesser-known fact about your host – me.

The Mindful Injury Recovery Talks are of course available on all your favorite streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple, Google, Amazon, and Stitcher radio, so make sure you subscribe, and after listening to an episode or 3, please write us a review.
This is going to be so helpful for other people to discover this show and get the needed information.

Once again, so great to have you here… and now… please continue to the next episode.

Love and gratitude xx
Dr. Maya

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