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Your host: Dr. Maya Novak

Dr. Maya Novak is an internationally renowned Mindful Healing Expert and the creator of The Mindful Injury Recovery Method. Her mission is helping courageous women who physically injured themselves by empowering them to heal their bodies and lives from the inside out with confidence and ease.

In this powerful masterclass, you’re going to discover:

The ONE crucial thing most doctors won’t tell you that can make or break your recovery efforts

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The little-known technique to become pain-free once and for all, both during and post-recovery

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“Working with Maya changed everything. I sped up my recovery and I know this because I met a lady with the same injury a few months after my last surgery and she was still having a brace walking with difficulties while I was walking around without any problems – with the same amount of time having passed since our surgeries.”

Julie A.

“If I hadn’t come across Maya I would not have made such a spectacular recovery. My surgeon was surprised to see that my avascular necrosis had disappeared from my X-rays.”

Kevin M.

“With Maya’s help, I went from being hopeless to hopeful, as well as realizing what needs my attention in my life and resolve this in order for me to be truly happy. I changed my lifestyle, I am healthier and happier now, I’m hiking and I started dancing again – something that seemed impossible for a long time.”

Virginia C.

“Now I’m walking on uneven surfaces without any problems – something my doctor and PT told me would probably never happen for me.”

Sara K.

“Now I am more hopeful, calm and cheerful, and my depression disappeared. The best part – the stiffness in my ankle finally began to reduce! So many things changed for the better in just 2 weeks!”

Kauseliah P.

“Maya’s help and guidance were so helpful in my recovery. Since I started working with her, I had so many breakthroughs: I deadlifted 175 lbs and I took my first “running” steps which was amazing because previously I could not run at all – I could not even get both feet to clear the ground. I am now able to pick up my little 47lb cousin and carry her around and I even started wearing heels again.”

Stephanie P.