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How To Have Sex And Be Intimate When Injured

In the last year, I got numerous requests and questions about intimacy and sex after an accident.

Healing from serious injuries takes time but it doesn’t mean that you have to skip on being intimate with your partner altogether.

Before you jump (not literally!) between the sheets and start being active again, it’s good to lay the foundation so you can avoid potential misunderstandings with your partner.

I invited John Baio, a physical therapist, to join me and we talked about sex, sex positions, and intimacy.

A bit about John. He received his doctorate of physical therapy in 2006 and now resides in Long Island NY. He has dedicated his career to the physical, mental, and social recovery of his patients throughout their rehabilitation journey. His recent specialization involves educating clients on how to stop avoiding activities, but instead take the right steps to get back to them!

Enjoy the interview and share your thoughts below! 

Things mentioned in the interview:

  1. [book] Here is a book on Amazon that you might find interesting: Sexual Positions for the Knee Patient
  2. [article] Sex After Joint Replacement: Positions for Hip and Knee

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