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From A Knee Fracture That Ended Her Carrier To Helping People Recover – A Heidi Armstrong Story

Imagine being an elite athlete loving every single race and then when you least expect it, your life turns upside down.

This is exactly what happened to Heidi.

A spectacular crash at a National Championship Series mountain bike race at a Pennsylvania ski resort changed everything for her. She went from being at the top of her game to a cripple (like she shares in her story).

Things were never the same for her, however, this didn’t stop her. In fact, her experience led her to coaching and helping other injured athletes in the process of recovery.

She is an Injury Recovery Coach and founder of Injured Athlete’s Toolbox. She teaches injured athletes the essential tools for injury recovery that enable them to move from feeling frustrated, impatient, and angry to feeling optimistic, patient, resilient, and motivated.

In this interview, we talk about her recovery journey with all the ups and downs and of her becoming a coach.

Things mentioned in the interview:

  1. [Heidi’s story] Why I Understand
  2. [website] Injured Athlete’s Toolbox

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