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​From Two-Time Tetraplegic To Walking And Dancing Freely – A Barbara Močan Story

In January 2005 Barbara had a car accident. In a blink of a moment when a fox crossed the icy road, she turned, saved her life but crashed her car. She suffered a bad head trauma, as well as a cervical spine injury – C5 to C7.

Her life changed completely at that moment.

For the first 48 hours she was throwing up, dealing with a terrible headache, blurred vision, difficulties hearing… and the astonishing thing is that the doctor she saw in the hospital didn’t pay much attention to her condition.

She continued visiting the ER and always got the same answer – everything is ok because she ‘only’ had a distortion of the cervical spine.

She was trying to live her life normally but something wasn’t right. 2 weeks into this her legs became wobbly, her body was giving up and the next day when visiting a physiotherapist it hit her big time.

Her condition was extremely serious and she actually had only 6 hours to get to the hospital that Monday before she would become completely paralyzed from the neck down.

Fasten your seat belt, gorgeous! THIS is the inspirational story of Barbara Močan.

When healing physical trauma personalized guidance is priceless!

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