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There comes a time in your healing journey when you realize that the resources and guidance that you got from the traditional medical approach are not enough.

When you realize that the injury that you are now left with is way more than just a physical matter and focusing on ‘just’ that is not going to be enough.

True, your body is injured, but there’s much more that is happening behind this.

There are fears that you did not expect.


There are all these negative thoughts that are popping in your mind – and sometimes you manage to silence them but it doesn’t matter how hard you try, they always find their way back.


There are questions such as ‘What if…?’ and ‘Why me?’


Perhaps you lost your confidence and you crave to get it back. There are doubts and worries creeping in, especially if you heard that you will not heal or that there might be complications waiting for you down the road.

And all of this and more is negatively affecting your recovery. And we did not even cover pain and sadness, and the whole emotional roller-coaster.

The good news?

The terrific news is that you can turn things around pretty quickly.

″Maya provides the missing link between what has happened to the body as a result of the injury, and what the mind and soul need for complete healing.″

– Virginia C.

Join over 350k people who’ve already used this website and the healing services available that helped them recover in the best possible way with ease.

″I was blown away by how intuitive Maya is. As soon as I said something she would know almost instinctively, exactly what I was dealing with, and knew the right words to say. Her coaching made a huge difference in my recovery and life.”

– Julie

From  terrible  injury  to  complete  healing  and  helping  others…

Dr. Maya Novak, Mindful Healing Expert, Coach and Mentor

Dr. Maya Novak is an internationally renowned Mindful Healing Expert and the host of The Mindful Injury Recovery World Summit. Her mission is helping courageous women (and men) who physically injured themselves by empowering them to heal their bodies and lives from the inside out with confidence and ease.

Her Mindful Injury Recovery Method was born when – after fracturing and dislocating her ankle due to a rock-climbing accident – she was told she would be limping and in pain for the rest of her life. That’s when she decided to seek an alternative route to the conventional medicine path.

As a result – and beyond any of her doctors’ expectations – she made a full recovery and upleveled her life in every area. Ever since, she’s made it her mission to use her unique approach to help women and men across the globe unleash their healing potential, so they can fully recover from their injuries and live a joyful, happy, and fulfilling life.

“My approach to healing is different and includes things that are rarely, superficially or not at all covered by the traditional medical approach but are oh so important for complete healing.”

– Dr. Maya Novak, creator of the Mindful Injury Recovery Method

Anu  C.

“I went from being extremely nervous, depressed and tensed to being positive, confident and back on my feet faster than I could imagine.”

I was extremely nervous, depressed and tensed constantly after the accident. I realized I needed a different kind of help – and I reached out to Maya. While working with her I began to feel more positive and confident. I felt supported and knowing that she was speaking from experience helped immensely. Slowly one by one she helped me overcome those mental roadblocks and that helped speed up my recovery. I finally felt that I was beginning to take charge of my recovery and I could make a difference to my healing.

My doctor was amazed at my speedy recovery and the range of movement I gained. Maya played such a huge role in it and I’m so grateful for her help.

Sonja P.

“One of the best things that I ever did for myself!”

My fractured ankle helped me discover Maya’s work. Once the cast came off after 10 weeks I was pretty discouraged and in need of a solution.

With her guidance I became more positive in my outlook, more relaxed in my everyday life, forgiving to myself and others and more responsible for my own wellbeing. It might be a cliche but so true in my case: my injury was a gift because I met Maya, and with her help I became a much happier, forgiving, grateful version of myself. Also, my overall physical health improved after practicing visualization techniques that she taught me.

Without exaggeration, working with Maya changed the rest of my life.


(self-paced or with private guidance)

The Completely Healed Academy contains all the tried and proven courses and cutting-edge healing strategies created over years of working with hundreds of injured women just like you. All the resources to go from recovery struggles to healing from your injury the way you want at your fingertips.

(private coaching and mentoring)

In the Completely Healed With Ease program, you’ll unleash your healing potential and completely transform your recovery with the Mindful Injury Recovery Method. This is a 3-month private coaching program that will help you recover from your injury and bounce forward in your life with complete ease (EVEN if it feels impossible).

Virginia  C.

“I went from being hopeless and frustrated to hopeful and happy. And I dance again!”

I felt such relief when I found Maya because the information that I was getting from medical professionals was not adequate and there was no real guidance provided. During coaching, it was so evident that she had thought about things, and considered my unique situation. I felt heard, taken seriously, respected, and cared about.

With her help, I went from being hopeless to hopeful, as well as realizing what needs my attention in my life and resolve this in order for me to be truly happy. I changed my lifestyle, I am healthier and happier now, I’m hiking and I started dancing again – something that seemed impossible for a long time. I’m deeply thankful for all of her guidance.

Going  beyond the physical with the Mindful Injury Recovery Method so that you can heal completely  with ease.

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