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How amazing would it be if you could recover just the way YOU want and make 2019 the best year so far?

When I fractured my ankle six years ago the outlook was horrible. The doctors told me I might be in pain for the rest of my life and that, in a nutshell, I should forget about things ever being they way they were.

It crushed me!

However, there was a tiny voice inside me persistently saying that I could recover the way I wanted. And it sounded crazy, since the doctors know best, right?

But tell you what – they are not the masters of your fate. You are! 


And I can assure you that you, my darling, are way more capable than you might even know right now!

After years of ‘experimenting’ on myself and then later helping others create their own successful recovery stories, I created The Mindful Injury Recovery Method.

It goes way beyond a regular recovery protocol and includes cutting-edge healing strategies – the ones that are unheard of in conventional medicine, and the results which are brushed off as miracles and luck.

You, my darling, CAN create incredible healing shifts and the results WILL BE easily manifested in your body.

Here is the MINDFUL INJURY RECOVERY BUNDLE that will help you do just that and completely transform your recovery!

It contains ALL the tried and proven courses and cutting-edge healing strategies created over years of working with hundreds of injured women just like you – and their results speak for themselves:

Course  #1


You have a healing potential inside you that you are not even aware of.

The reason for this is because your mind plays tricks on you. Your mind is wired in a way that prevents you from recovering with ease (or even completely). Gorgeous; perfect healing happens when your mind starts leading your body and not the other way around.

How can this course help you, you ask?

The course will help you recover in the best possible way because it will help you re-wire your mind and change the way you think, feel, act and finally recover with ease in no time at all.

I will guide you through the process in 3 modules and you will implement the healing strategies with the help of the recovery workbooks. You will also receive 3 amazing bonuses that are transforming the lives of other injured women every single day.

Value: $147



Course  #2


Here is a fact: the calmer and more supported you feel, the faster you will recover.

When you are relaxed, stress hormones drop and you make a healing space for your body so it can do what it does best – repair itself fast and with ease.

That’s why healing meditation can be the best non-medical way to heal.

In this healing course, you will get six powerful healing meditations and four audio trainings that will answer your questions and give you solutions for the pain and fear that you are experiencing, as well as stressful and emotional moments and how you can turn them to your advantage.

Here you will relax and release the powerful healing potential inside you, and recover in the best possible way.

Value: $97


Course  #3


Do you want to go back to your favorite activities after an ankle injury? Then look no further, gorgeous – because you just found the solution!

Say goodbye to stiff and weak ankles with these 59 specific physiotherapist-improved exercises that changed my life and the lives of hundreds of other people.

The course is released over 9 modules and each exercise is demonstrated on video and explained in detail.

Who is it for, you ask?

It is for everybody – from complete beginners to advanced peeps already well into their recovery. Because the course guides you from the exercises that you can start doing on day 1 after getting the green light to start moving your ankle, up to really advanced ones – the type that will absolutely prepare you, for example, for running again.

 But what if you didn’t injure your ankle – can this course benefit you as well?

Oh yes! The way we live and the type of shoes we wear make our feet weaker than they are designed to be. By doing these exercises you will strengthen up your feet and ankles and make sure that you avoid any potential sprains in the future. And, gorgeous, when the feet are not strong enough, the body compensates and this usually means that we have problems where we otherwise wouldn’t have them – knees, hips, back… and all the way up to the neck – so making your ankles and feet strong can help with pain in any of those areas.

Make your ankle flexible and strong again with these 59 specific exercises and say hi to activities you love.

Value: $187



Course  #4


With this course, you will boost your recovery and say goodbye to soreness and swelling. It is absolutely true that the diet plays a much bigger role in the recovery process than a lot of people know (even doctors!)

With the right foods, you can speed up your healing, ease pain and swelling, and maybe even say goodbye to those potentially negative outcomes you heard about. 

What is waiting for you? Delicious and easy recipes, meal plans and other incredible healing goodies to support your amazing injury recovery.

Value: $47




Total value of all courses in this DIY Amazing Recovery package:




Here are 2 extra incredible mindful recovery goodies that will help you get there fast and easy!

Private  Coaching  Call


Personalized guidance and help make even the hardest recovery journey an easy one. During this powerful private coaching session (approx 30 min) we will look into your healing process and create an energetic plan for your outstanding recovery.

I will review your recovery so far and help you see the blind spots in your progress that are making your healing difficult right now. We will also raise your healing consciousness so that incredible shifts will start happening in your body right away.

A rocking healing plan will take you from “I wish I could do it” to “Heck yes, I’m doing it with ease and a smile on my face!”

Value: $250

New  Online  Course


Healing visualization is a powerful technique that completely transformed my recovery and life. This is how I managed to go way beyond my doctors’ expectations and truly recover the way I wanted.

So far I was only teaching this healing technique to my private clients who are getting amazing results with it. But in this course, you will not only learn how to visualize correctly for amazing results, you will get seven (or maybe even more) guided healing visualizations that will help you create an outstanding recovery.

We will start with a live class where you will be also able to ask questions and get detailed answers. And after that, all you will have to do is listen to the healing visualizations and enjoy the process.

This course will be released in January – let’s create your outstanding recovery in 2019!

Value: $147



Total value of the Outstanding Recovery in No Time At All package:


Your Special Offer

This 1-time only special offer ends in:



Regular price $478

What’s included in the package:

Re-Wire Your Mind And Heal Perfectly

Guided Healing Meditations

Iron-Built Flexible Ankles

Nourishing Remedy



Regular price $875

What’s included in the package:

Re-Wire Your Mind And Heal Perfectly

Guided Healing Meditations

Iron-Built Flexible Ankles

Nourishing Remedy

 x1 Empowering Solution Session

Healing Visualization Mastery

Your Questions Answered – FAQ

1. Are these courses specific to any type of injury?

Not really. The courses are designed to help you no matter what kind of injury you have; except Iron-Built Flexible Ankles. And even that one can help you big time if you are aware of how important the strength of your feet and ankles is because the way we live and the type of shoes we wear make our feet weaker than they are designed to be.

These courses are designed to help you re-wire your mind with different techniques, boost your recovery with healing foods and calm your nervous system down so that you can heal the way YOU want.

2. How can you be sure these courses will help me?

I cannot 100% guarantee you any results – however, if you commit to the work and necessary changes, I am positive that you will see them. You can have an outstanding recovery – and I am not talking just from my personal experience but from years of working with clients privately and admiring their amazing transformations.

3. What if I want more for myself than just the courses?

You absolutely deserve more, gorgeous! Get the “Outstanding Recovery In No Time At All” package that includes one powerful coaching call with me. I will review your recovery so far and help you see the blind spots in your progress that are making your healing difficult right now. We will make a rocking healing plan for you, and then – if we feel we want to take this even further, we will talk about how to do this on a regular basis. Yes?

4. What if I’m not ready to do the work?

Waiting and hoping for the best is the standard approach to injury recovery. It doesn’t require much commitment or effort – but it can also leave you, for example, in chronic pain for the rest of your life. If you are not willing to step up and create your own recovered future, the Mindful Injury Recovery Method may not be the best option for you.

This 1-time only special offer ends in:



Regular price $478



Regular price $875

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