Mindful Recovery – Heal From The Inside Out

In 3 months to outstanding healing and freedom

Do you want to REGAIN your pre-injury physical and emotional wellbeing FAST?

Are you ready to move around WITHOUT SORENESS, spend more quality time WITH YOUR LOVED ONES, and GET BACK to your normal life as soon as possible?

Do you want to make sure you will recover in THE BEST POSSIBLE WAY?

You are here for a reason and I’m so glad you are reading this.

Does this sound like you?

I’m in tears every night. It was ok for the first few months but now that I started moving around I noticed how much I can’t do.”

I feel I’m lacking control – things that I took for granted are gone and everything has become so hard to do.”

I’m afraid I’m not gonna recover like I want.

“I’m so sad and asking myself Why me? I feel like I’m being punished for something.”

“My body has never let me down before and every challenge I have faced I have conquered. But now – I’m frightened that I’ll never be like that again. I just want to be normal again!”

No one told me how difficult it is when the fears, the anxiety and depression kick in. I’m so sick and tired of being in pain. And so sick and tired of not being able to do what I used to. I just want my life back!”


I know how you feel. I’ve been there and I felt the same way too.

I was so frustrated because my recovery was so slow and I couldn’t see any light at the end of the tunnel.

After my surgery (broken and dislocated right talus bone), I really thought my ankle would be back to normal in 3 months, and there I was – 9+ months into the recovery – and I was still having trouble walking for more than a mile, my ankle was still sore every day, walking on the stairs was challenging, I had doubts and emotional breakdowns, and I was really worried that the doctors were right!

I was so eager to return to my life asap. For the first 3 months, I was non-weight bearing – which means I spent more or less the whole time in bed. I was sick of it. I was sick of waiting. All I wanted to do is go out and enjoy the summer.

And I was scared. Not knowing what could happen drove me crazy. I could still hear the doctors saying:

  • “Your ankle will never be the same again.”
  • “You will have problems with walking on uneven surfaces for the rest of your life.”
  • “You might be limping for the rest of your life.”
  • “You will have 60, maybe at the most 70% of the flexibility your uninjured ankle has.”
  • “Be prepared for arthritis – it’s really common with this kind of injuries.”
  • “There is a possibility of your talus bone dying off so you might need extra operations that could be successful or not.”

You might have heard something similar and I know how scary it is.

I know so many people who are frustrated because their recovery is so slow and they don’t see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Do you feel that way right now?

You probably said (at least to yourself) that _______________ (pick your month) is when you would be back to normal but now you are noticing that it’s taking you 3 times longer than what you expected.


Do you still have trouble moving around without pain, and more importantly – do you have this nagging voice that is saying:

“What if the doctors are right?”

“What if my recovery won’t be as successful as I want it to be?”

“What if I spend the rest of my life in pain?”

“What if the sadness, stress, anxiety, doubts will never leave me?”

Do you ever hear it and feel this way?

Despite all of what the doctors had told me:

I completely recovered,

none of the predictions above came true – I proved all of my doctors, physiotherapists, nurses… wrong,

I walk, run and move without any pain (even when wearing high heels),

 I have completed 2 long-distance triathlons (the first one 2 years and 4 months after the accident), and

 I helped hundreds of people overcome their injuries so they can enjoy their lives again as well.

I understand the mental struggle – I know what is going on in your mind and I know how to change this.

This experience has been so life-changing and empowering that I have now made my life’s mission to help other women who struggle with slow progress and are on a roller-coaster of emotions, doubts, and worries.

I’d love to help you heal in the best possible way and create your bright recovered future faster.

So, gorgeous!

… What if they are wrong about you too?

… What if you don’t spend a lifetime in pain?

… What if the sadness, stress, anxiety, doubts can leave you?

… And what if you knew what to do to so that your recovery can be as successful as you want it to be?

The good news is that I created the program that will help you get there.


Mindful Recovery – Heal From The Inside Out

A 3-month private VIP mentoring program

Anu Cherian

“I went from being extremely nervous, depressed and tensed to being positive, confident and back on my feet faster than I could imagine.”


I had an accident in December 2016, a few days before Christmas. A motorbike hit me and I suffered a tibial plateau fracture.


My biggest concern was not knowing if things would ever go back to normal. I was extremely nervous, depressed and tensed constantly. I began to realize that this was more of a mental battle than a physical one. That’s when I realized I needed a different kind of help – and I reached out to Maya.


While working with her I began to feel more positive and confident. I felt supported and knowing that she was speaking from experience helped immensely. Slowly one by one she helped me overcome those mental roadblocks and that helped speed up my recovery. I finally felt that I was beginning to take charge of my recovery and I could make a difference to my healing.


My doctor was amazed at my speedy recovery and the range of movement I gained. Maya played such a huge role in it and I’m so grateful for her help. A few weeks ago I visited the beach for the first time after my accident. I was exhilarated to finally walk there without any problem. And the bonus is that she not only helped me with the recovery but with her help I became healthier as well.

How do you feel about going from this

What You Will Get Out Of




  • Learn how to create recovery goals to track your progress so that you can avoid feeling anxious and frustrated, and you actually keep yourself super motivated which makes you reach your complete recovery faster.
  • Master the mindset that will bring the positive changes to your mind and to your life so that you can recover from this injury in the easiest way.
  • Learn how to deal with stress and frustration when you feel your recovery takes too long so that you can focus on the progress and speed up your healing.



  • Learn how to avoid or manage emotional breakdowns to feel better on a daily basis so that you can spend more quality happy time with your loved ones.
  • Learn how to deal with your fears to feel comfortable and confident that you won’t injure yourself once more so that you can return to your favorite activities without worrying it’s gonna happen again.
  • Uncover and release negative emotions to reduce pain, anxiety, and sadness, to sleep better and improve your flexibility so that you can get back to your normal life sooner than you can imagine right now.
  • Learn how to remove negative beliefs that prevent your recovery and reprogram your mind with the right thoughts so that you can prevent setbacks and complications in your recovery.



  • Create a daily routine to avoid feeling overwhelmed and know exactly what to do to speed up your recovery.
  • Learn the powerful morning routine to stay positive, motivated and to keep your vibration high throughout the day.



  • Reprogram your subconscious mind to heal faster so that you return to any activity without thinking if your body can do it – say hi to hiking, running, dancing, traveling, playing with your kids and walking your dog again without feeling pain after only 15 minutes.
  • Learn how to be grateful for this trauma to keep cultivating positive emotions so that you can move forward and never has this trauma block/impact you again.
  • Discover the meaning behind your injury and understand the message that your body is sending you to make sure you remove the primary cause so that you can avoid another trauma like this.



  • Learn what you need to eat (or stop eating) to reduce swelling, pain, improve your recovery and have better health so that you can move without soreness and discomfort and feel like nothing ever happened.
  • Avoid any potential weight gain or uncover the hidden reasons why you gained weight since your injury to make sure you stay at your ideal weight so that you can enjoy your favorite pair of jeans and feel sexy.

Gala Jarc

“I went from being afraid and not believing in myself to full recovery and a 100km bicycle ride.”


I fell from a boulder while attempting to climb to the top of it and I ended up with a trimalleolar fracture of my right ankle.


At the beginning, everything looked easy but soon my feelings started to change – sometimes I was afraid I would always be crippled, then I was angry at myself, and there were times when I was also enjoying the excuse to lie in my bed all day and do nothing. Before I started working with Maya I had lots of fears, I did not believe in myself and I felt like I was not good enough. I was focusing on the negative too much.


Maya’s VIP program helped me to see things differently, to be more positive and present, and to believe in myself. I started learning to unconditionally love and accept myself. And now I’m more mindful, I allow to put myself first and I’m also more dedicated to my yoga practice.


I completed over a 100km bicycle ride while working with Maya and I’m now able to do everything I was doing before the accident.


Her experience and knowledge have been invaluable to me and Maya’s kindness and caring nature have really worked for me. I always felt understood and heard. The feeling of being in good hands helped me overcome my challenges so much easier. I am grateful for her knowledge and effort she puts into coaching and how thoroughly she does everything.


Working with Maya changed my recovery and life.



  • Welcome pack to give me details on your recovery so far, what you want to accomplish and to get you ready for achieving your recovery dreams.
  • 60-minute Kick-Off Session to lay the foundations for your transformation and get clear on your recovery vision.


  • 6 private, 50-minute coaching calls to keep you moving towards your recovered life. Each session is customized to you and your needs. In between the session, you get access to audio lessons, aditional resources, and workbooks that help you progress even faster.
  • Pre- and post-session worksheets to make sure all your needs are covered and to make sure you’re moving in the right direction.
  • Workbook and worksheets specific to the topic we work on for maximizing your progress and our time together.
  • Unlimited email and text support in between sessions to celebrate your wins or get you through the moments when the journey gets tough.


  • You get three “Emergency Mindset Reset” calls for whenever you feel stuck, frustrated or anxious and need that extra support to help you get back on track. (value: priceless)
  • Library of recovery audio lessons where I walk you through the healing strategies for creating an amazing injury recovery. (value: $897)

You deserve to heal in the best possible way and your recovered future is waiting for you.


If you sign up for Mindful Recovery – Heal From The Inside Out at the end of our Discovery Call together, you will receive:

A free additional 2-hour intensive coaching session to use at any point during our time together, to go over any extra recovery strategies or whatever you’d like to cover! (Value: $500)

Stephanie Penn

“I went from frustration and fear about my ankle recovery to 175 lbs deadlift and 8-mile hike.”


I broke my ankle by accidentally stepping off our moving van ramp the day my fiancé and I were moving. I ended with a trimalleolar fracture with dislocation. I’m a hiker and nature photographer and I really wanted to get better so I could hike again.


This ankle fracture really put my life on hold and changed my plans completely. I don’t think I have seen as many tears in the rest of my life combined as I have since the accident. It was hard. Really hard for me – both emotionally and mentally. The hardest thing was the fear of not being able to do the things I used to do in the outdoors and the fear that my ankle would get worse instead of better.


Maya’s help and guidance were so helpful in my recovery. Since I started working with her, I had so many breakthroughs: I deadlifted 175 lbs and I took my first “running” steps which was amazing because previously I could not run at all – I could not even get both feet to clear the ground. I am now able to pick up my little 47lb cousin and carry her around and I even started wearing heels again.


8 months and 8 days after my accident I did an 8-mile hike with my backpack. I was so grateful at the end of the hike and I was in tears of joy and relief. I can’t believe how far I have come!


Working with Maya has truly been a game changer for me and my recovery! I feel normal again.


There are two easy payment options for the Mindful Recovery – Heal From The Inside Out VIP program:



One-time payment



Per month

Let’s chat!

Book a call with me to discuss where you’re at, where you desire to be and to see if working together would be a good fit.

Am I the right coach for you?

  • I’ve been right where you are and I know how to get you back to normal in the fastest possible way.
  • I know what is going on in your mind and I know how to change this.
  • I understand the daily struggles and frustration and I know how to stay positive, motivated and release what is holding your recovery back.
  • I completely recovered from a fracture that is supposed to be impossible to overcome. By analyzing my recovery and by having already helped dozens of VIP clients overcome their traumas, I know what makes all the difference in the outcome, and how to recover faster.

NIlufar Pulatova

“After losing my independence, I got my freedom back, and said goodbye to my fears and worries.”

I was checking a newly constructed site with my business partner in October when all of a sudden the floor collapsed. I fell from the 2nd floor and fractured my right femur and calcaneus.

In the first couple of months, I was in a lot of pain, not sleeping well, non-weight bearing and spending most of the time in the bed. If this wasn’t enough, I was also very emotional and I was constantly crying. I wanted to have my freedom back but instead, I was worried and anxious. I was afraid this injury would make me scared of life.

Maya’s kind, humble and caring approach made a huge difference in my recovery. After three months of her VIP coaching program, I’m walking mainly without a stick – which feels like flying to me! I said goodbye to the emotional breakdowns and the fear of pain and re-injuring myself.

With her help, I became more positive and optimistic about my future. I am now more focused and my clients can feel the difference as well. I am compassionate, forgiving and patient with myself and others. Plus, I finally moved back to my apartment after months of living with my parents!

Now I know that Injuries are not just a physical matter – they are a psychological thing which really needs to be handled to heal in the best possible way. I am really grateful for Maya’s help and thrilled about my progress.

Kauselliah Peterhans

“My depression is gone, I know how to handle panic attacks, and the best part – my ankle stiffness finally began to reduce.”

I had an accident in a climbing park. I was on a zip line flying freely but the pace was really fast. I did not lift my leg high enough and I hit my right ankle on the landing platform. That second changed everything – I sustained a bimalleolar fracture with dislocation.

Things were really difficult for me. I was crying daily, being afraid, sad, worried, and even though I was trying very hard to stay positive, depression creeped in. I didn’t recognise myself anymore. I also felt like a burden!

Maya really understands what is happening in someone’s head and heart. The coaching sessions I had with her changed everything. She not only put things into perspective but her strategies made a huge difference in my progress.

Now I am more hopeful, calm and cheerful, and my depression disappeared. The best part – the stiffness in my ankle finally began to reduce! So many things changed for the better in just 2 weeks!

Maya, I love you to bits and I am so grateful for all your help and guidance.

Cristel R.

“I was in a dark place and Maya helped me get through it and heal.”

I broke my nose right after moving to the Carribean coast. Instead of enjoying my new surroundings, I found myself locked in a room, a not-so-cute bandage in the middle of my face and with an anxiety growing. I was really in a dark place and thought there was something wrong with me. Thankfully, I reached out to Maya.

With all the black thoughts coming through, I wasn’t about to heal soon! She helped me understand the importance of the mental health for recovery and she always listened without judging my feelings.

I’m now 2 months since the accident and feel so much better. The anxiety is gone, I am happier and enjoying my life again. My nose is mostly healed, although the doctor told me it takes a year for the nose to come back to a normal state.

I am so grateful for Maya’s insight, experience, and support. I feel more equipped to affront unexpected events, whether psychological or physical.

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