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Become Pain-Free By Addressing This

I never really understood that meme ‘Living with chronic pain is like trying to get comfortable on a cactus sofa,’ until I developed chronic pain a few years ago.

So I can very much connect with Nancy, whose question I got recently:

“How can I deal with the pain and become pain-free? Also how can I become less angry and irritated? I just want my life back.”

Becoming pain-free requires more than keeping your fingers crossed, hoping things will work out, and taking whatever medication you might have been prescribed.

In my personal and professional experience, it’s very important to go beyond just the physical aspect of recovery and pain (meaning: go beyond thinking that the pain must be connected to some physical trauma).

In this video, I’m sharing with you how I finally healed my chronic pain and the things I share with my clients so they can become pain-free as well.

Tune in to discover all about it… 

Things mentioned in the video:

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With love xx

Dr. Maya

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  1. I had failed back surgery in Oct 2018 for spinal stenosis. I also have degenerative disc disease which has progressed in the past year. I am 65 and in constant pain. With the DDD, I have pain I never had before. But I cannot take the prescriptions that are available and yet I do believe much of this is because of aging, some falls I’ve had and sitting at a desk for so many years. It is hard to imagine that could be from emotions. . .

    1. Dr. Maya Novak

      Carol, I understand where you’re coming from. Yes, pain can start as a result of an injury, and often it can stay because of another reason. In my experience pain can be – if not completely resolved – at least very lessened by going beyond just the physical. I hope this makes sense. xx

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