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How To Heal Your Skin Outbreak After An Injury

A few weeks ago I posted a photo of me (of my face) on social media and oh goodness, what a response!

You see, I think transparency is extremely important, and sharing wins is as crucial as sharing struggles and down moments. But even more important is sharing how to get OUT of those down moments.

And today is exactly about this.

A few months after my accident and surgery in 2012, my face started breaking out. I thought it would be gone in a week or two. But those 2 weeks became 2 months, became 5 months, became 1 year, and counting.

I started having face treatments regularly, tried this cream and that cream, took different supplements and vitamins… I was looking for that one magic pill but NOTHING helped. Yes, perhaps I saw a bit of improvement after trying something new, but sooner or later I was back at square one.

Today, I’m sharing with you how I finally healed my skin without any products and with long-lasting results.

Tune in to discover 4 major things that will help you heal your skin… 

Things mentioned in the video:

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With love xx

Dr. Maya

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  1. Thank you so much Maya. This was very informative, inspiring and encouraging. I can’t wait to apply these principles into my daily routine. I know this will promote massive healing. God bless!

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