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Fear + How To Start Walking Again

In Ask Maya 9 I’m answering Marcie’s question: “I have been watching you on YouTube and I have some questions. My accident happened this year… And surgery was Feb 2nd of this year. I’m afraid to walk in my boot and bear weight on my foot. Any suggestions please!

This is a really common challenge after an injured ankle.

I know how scared I was when I got the green light for walking. It was sort of a mixture of excitement and fear. You’re allowed to do it but because you haven’t used your leg for such a long time, you’re terrified.

Here’s the answer how to gradually progress.

Things mentioned in the video:

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With love xx

Dr. Maya

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    1. You’re welcome. Know that it’s completely normal to be scared, Denise. I was terrified at the beginning. xx

  1. This is so helpful, I got the green light a week ago, but I am terrified. I love step 2 and 3 this is so true. Thank you, for easing my mind.

    1. Accident happened on July 9th. Three broken bones and dislocated. After X-ray on week 6 told me bone has shifted a little. Anybody ever had this to happen?

  2. Thank you so much for this. I broke my metatarsals end of August and am now allowed to have partial weight bearing. I tried with the crutches and got dizzy and nauseous so it makes sense it’s a fear.

    1. I fractured my 4th metatarsal in November. I was cleared by my doctor in January for all activity only to fracture the same bone in two different places with a golf swing. 10 weeks later, I have been cleared for normal activity while working with my physical therapist. It is so hard to trust at this point as each day brings on a new pain in the foot.

  3. So I broke my ankle 3 months ago in august, and I never got surgery. ive been through 2 splints,3 casts, and a boot. today the told me i could walk on it with an ankle brace and it hurts my heel to walk on it. it feels like a medal bar is in my heel. but what would be the best way to start walking again.

  4. Thank you! Very helpful and encouraging! I will begin weight bearing in a few weeks after a trimalleolar ankle fracture in September!

  5. I haves watched Maya’s video a few times over my healing journey. It’s reassuring , great tips to enable self recovery, combined with the 7 excercises which really help alleviate that stiff sore ankle.

    1. Hi Michelle. I’m sorry that this happened to you. Definitely find another PT who will encourage and root for you. Love xx

      1. Jill, here is another resource that will help you tremendously – Iron-Built Flexible Ankles program. Learn more about it here.
        So much love ❤️ xx

  6. February 2nd 2019, I slipped and broke my tibia bone in my left ankle. Two weeks later I had surgery, then two weeks after that I had the green light to put some weight on my foot with crutches. My incisions are still healing and I have lost a good portion of my calf muscle. I am facing that fear right now. I was in tears before I watched this and it has given me some hope.

    1. I broke mine on Feb 1. I had surgery a week later and was in a soft cast/splint for 2 weeks and was given a boot for 8 more weeks. I’m on week 3 in the boot. They say I can put a little weight on the boot as pain allows and am supposed to try flex my foot and toes, but I don’t know how much I’m supposed to try do. It’s all very tight in the morning, but at least I can shower now with the boot.

      I ice and elevate every day. I have a knee scooter that is heavenly, but I worry I am not doing enough and my ankle will lose mobility. But then I worry I’m doing too much and will aggravate something. It hurts, it swells, it is redder than the other foot. I have no patience for this.

  7. I am terrified. It is so reassuring to know that I’m not the only only one. I thought that I was weak because I am so afraid. It’s a good feeling to know that the fear is normal and common. I’m not any less terrified but at least I’m not alone. I think conquering the fear of walking is just as hard as actually trying to walk. Thank you for this video.

  8. OMG this was so helpful. Yesterday I got green light and I’m terrified. It’s weird cause I feel I’m afraid of healing. Where can I join the community? Thank you!

    1. Graciela, I’m so glad that this has been helpful to you! ❤
      In regards to the community – the FB group Injury Recovery BFFs closed in December 2018. Sorry about this inconvenience.

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