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How To Take Care Of Flabby Legs After An Ankle Fracture

In Ask Maya 7 I’m answering Marlene’s question: “Hey Maya! Ever since I broke my ankle I just been very lazy. I live in NYC and loved going on long walks on the weekends. There is also work being done in my apartment so I have very little space. I am going to a wedding in July and being home with this injury has made one of my best assets (my legs) so flabby. I am at the stage in my recovery where I walk around in my sneakers at home but walk with a boot and a crutch in the street. I’ve been in a boot and putting weight on my ankle for 3 1/2 weeks now. Do you think I should or that it may be ok for me to do squats or anything similar? Or do I just stay patient and wait for my therapist or my doctor to give me the ok?

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