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″My recovery has stalled!″

I get questions like ″Maya, what can I do? I feel like my recovery has stalled. on a regular basis.

If this is your challenge right now, I know how you feel. I’ve been there many, many times. So many times that I stopped counting. I know the horrible feeling of being stuck, and at the beginning, your internal monologue goes like this: “I’m just having a bad day. Tomorrow is gonna be better.” Then the bad day becomes a bad week and then the bad week can so easily become a bad month.

You are stuck. You have a feeling your recovery has stopped. And you feel discouraged. 

Here is the thing: these plateaus are normal. They are expected. And they really show the difference between people that have amazing recoveries and those that usually say: ″They were right. My __________ (insert your injury) is screwed up.″

I know you are different. I know your recovery can be different. And I shot this week’s video with one of the most important tips exactly for you.

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With love xx

Dr. Maya

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