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Is The Pain You’re Experiencing Good Or Bad?

How familiar are you with recovery pain?

For me, Friday the 9th of November 2012, was the day of the most brutal pain I’ve ever experienced in my life. The day before, they operated my fractured and dislocated right ankle, and no one had told me about the pain that was coming the next day.

I honestly didn’t think that it could be worse than what I’d already gone through in the week when I was waiting for the surgery. And even though the week was rough, I wasn’t prepared for the post-operation time. The first two days were the hardest – it’s hard to put in words the pain I experienced. The easiest explanation would be that it felt like someone was trying to crush my ankle between two enormous rocks.

I wish I could say this was it regarding my experience with pain.

The truth is that from the moment you injured yourself all the way to the moment you’re ″back to normal″, you’re gonna have some sort of soreness.

But how do you determine if the pain you’re experiencing is good or bad?

This week I’m answering Lorelei’s question: “How do you determine the difference between good soreness and bad? I’m not sure if I am doing enough stretching because I’m afraid of overdoing it or doing something too early.”

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