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How To Ask For Help When Injured

How to ask for help when you don’t want to… but it’s necessary. This is a challenge for a lot of injured people.

This week’s question – Gala: “How to ask for help and not feel like you are asking for too much? How to accept that it is ok to ask and know that the other person still has the opportunity to either decline if they think it’s too much or accept if it’s ok with them? I constantly have the feeling anything is too much to ask, even though if someone asked me, I would probably help them as long as I could.

Asking for help and leaning on others is challenging for many of you. I see this struggle constantly. Losing independence is tough – before you were able to do everything on your own and right now your physical body is not letting you.

And it was challenging for me as well. I was brought up as a strong and independent woman and a fractured ankle really forced me to change some things within myself.

Today I’m sharing with you a powerful exercise that will help you get over this challenge like it helped so many of my amazing clients.

Watch below.

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