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Why Do You Bruise More Easily After Surgery + How To Prevent It

Happy July, gorgeous! I hope this month is treating you well and that you’re enjoying it as much as possible.

This episode is a bit different because I’m not gonna answer just one question but actually three. So in Ask Maya 15, I’m answering Yagil’s, Joe’s and Wendy’s questions.

Yagil: “Hello Maya. What about the swelling after the operation/fracture (ankle). Is there any way to make it disappear? Some people I have spoken with told me that the swelling does not go away completely!

[5:48] Joe: “Hi Maya, I just broke my ankle 10 days ago and still have swelling even though I have had my foot elevated. Now I am in a walking boot and I have noticed I am getting a lot of bruise from the boot and pain. Is this normal or is there something I can do to release the pain and stop the bruising? Joe

[11:09] Wendy: “Hi Maya. What is the aim of a moon boot? To keep the foot safe (protection) or to “keep everything in place?” Thanks.

Things mentioned in the video:

  1. [video] 3 Tips How To Reduce Swelling And Soreness During Recovery
  2. [online training] Iron-Built Flexible Ankles (The first program of its kind and it’s made specifically for individuals recovering from ankle injuries.)
  3. [video] Problems With Casts

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