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Welcome to Ask Maya

This is a video series where I’m answering your questions so you can heal with ease. It covers everything from mindset to exercises and nutrition, because every successful recovery is a mixture of different aspects.

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How To Reduce Pain Naturally

In Ask Maya 5 I’m answering Patricia’s question: “I just got my second surgery done yesterday – ankle reconstruction and Achilles lengthening. Do you have any recommendations on how to…
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Walking With a Stiff Ankle?

In Ask Maya 4 I’m answering Shona’s question: “I am only 7 weeks post op. I had a total ankle reconstruction to the ATFL, also had talar dome fixed and a bony spur shaven off. I just got out of my cast…
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Swollen Ankle(s) and Yoga

In Ask Maya 3 I’m answering Marlene’s question: “Thank you for being so helpful. Does your ankle ever slim down or will it always look slightly swollen and bigger than the non-injured one? How about…
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