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Why You Should Stop Sitting All Day During Ankle Recovery

So you’re past that recovery stage where you have to lie in bed all day or do very little movement. You’re slowly going back to your usual routine and if you’re like me, working from home, then that means sitting in front of the computer for hours. I used to …
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How to Improve Blood Circulation Naturally

Are you stuck in bed for the next few months? One of the most common questions I get is about improving blood circulation in the legs and ankle. When you have no option but to be in bed because of a fracture, your legs tend to get…
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How to Avoid Weight Gain after Injury

I just enjoyed a good workout for today and I remembered how I was terrified I would gain weight when I broke my talus bone three years ago. I was so used to working out back then that a sudden, long pause in my…
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How to Overcome Fear after Injury

You’ve probably heard the saying, “fall hard seven times, rise up eight times.” Does it sound like an easy task? Well, when you suffer an injury it’s definitely not as easy as it sounds! After I broke my ankle, I got really scared. You can…
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