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15 Things To Do While Recovering From An Injury

Your injury can be the best time to start doing things you’ve been pushing aside with the common excuse of: “I’ll do it when I have the time.” I fractured and dislocated my right ankle in 2012 and I started my job/passion as a patient. I didn’t know at the…

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One Thing You Should Stop Doing During Recovery

Being in an accident is always a serious matter. It can turn your life upside down. If you’re going through a recovery, have you ever looked at other recovery stories and wondered why you’re taking so long? Or why are they able to do things that you still cannot? If…
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Here’s what to do when your world falls apart

Remember that time life threw a curve ball at you? That moment you feel like your whole world is slowly tumbling down? You may have lost your job, became bankrupt, or had a relationship fall apart. Things were going smoothly, then suddenly you’re in the middle of a storm and…
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How To Prevent Achilles Tendon Problems

Everyone will be telling you to be careful when you’re recovering from a broken ankle. This is true, as there can be more problems with your Achilles tendon such as ruptures and tears if you do not take things slow. Tendons are…
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