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When Will You Be Able To… After An Injury

There is a question that I’m getting over and over again. Are you also wondering when are you going to be able to do ‘something’ after the injury? Yes, normally you can get an approximate timeline of when you’ll get there. However, this video is not…
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The Main Reason WHY You Really Struggle With Your Recovery

Does this sound familiar? You injured yourself and looking back you thought it would be easier than what you are experiencing right now. You thought that the bone would mend (if you had a fracture) and then everything would be back to normal. But now a few weeks, or months,…
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Going Back Or Going Forward After Injury?

Do you ever think “I want my life to be like before”? You are not the only one! In fact, I had a big realization a few weeks ago. I realized that I was doing you a disservice with the words that I was using when talking about healing – your…

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