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How To Become Free From Physical Trauma

Becoming free from physical trauma doesn’t require what a lot of people think – for the body to be 100% well again. If you get to that point after the injury, great! And if you don’t, know this: you CAN be completely healed and free from physical trauma. In today’s …
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UPDATE: 8 Years After a Broken Ankle

The last 8 years have been an incredible mixture of studying, researching, testing, helping, conquering, and never giving up. And because I quite often get questions about how my ankle is doing now, it’s time to give you an update…
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Dissolving Sickness Meditation / Visualization

This powerful healing meditation/visualization will bring you quick release and help your body recover with ease. I came up with it a few years ago when I had a really high fever myself and it worked like magic – not in just my case, but I’ve been sharing…
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