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Going beyond the physical is the key.

An injury changes your life. In a split second, everything is different.

Pain, confusion, fear, worries, then anxiety, frustration, anger, loss of confidence, and so many other things kick in.

Physical trauma has a much bigger impact on a person than what meets the naked eye.

The conventional approach is treating the injury as a separate component, or like mechanical damage that only requires mechanical treatment. And a large part of it is also just waiting for the body to repair itself.

Yes, the body is an incredible system, and it has been designed to heal itself. It has everything that it needs to put itself back together after it’s been hurt or damaged.

In its essence, it is built to thrive.

However, the way we live, the things that we learn, information that we are exposed to day in and day out, are often what’s keeping us from becoming fully aware of the true healing power that we possess and how we actually limit ourselves.
Having the necessary support and allowing yourself to get guidance is important, however, no one can heal you.

No doctor, no physiotherapist, no chiropractor, no other medical professional can do that for you.

We can help, but remember that you have this healing potential within you and only you can release it.

Releasing your true healing potential is easy, as well as complicated.

Anything negative happening with you internally manifests itself externally.

It’s a ripple effect that starts in the invisible and slowly but surely becomes visible as slow progress (or sometimes no progress at all), complications, stubborn pain, lack of mobility and flexibility (despite complicated exercises and workout routines), etc.

Healing from a physical trauma takes a whole person.
You cannot separate your whole being from the injury. And so your emotional and mental states affect your recovery.

Your fears, doubts, beliefs, anxiety, sadness, frustration, guilt, shame, anger, just to name a few, affect you and your healing.

And it doesn’t matter if your emotions and thoughts are connected to something that happened recently (an accident, for example) or if there’s something that you’ve been carrying around for years or decades.

Because unprocessed negative emotions don’t magically disappear after the event is over. They get stored in the body and cause additional problems because they lower the healing energy.

Your healing potential cannot be released completely and so you struggle… on every level (not just physically, although this might be the most obvious part of it).

So even though events that happened months, years or decades ago may appear to have nothing to do with your current injury recovery, they are slowly but surely robbing you of complete freedom from this physical trauma.

And this is where my expertise comes in.

How everything started…

Quite simply – I went through the same process. On the 31st of October 2012, I broke and dislocated my right talus bone while rock climbing.

Over the 4 days – while lying in a hospital bed waiting for the doctors to decide on what to do next, I heard heart-dropping predictions:

  • “Your ankle will never be the same again.”
  • “You will have 60, maybe at the most 70% of the flexibility your uninjured ankle has.”
  • “You will have problems with walking on uneven surfaces for the rest of your life.”
  • “You might be limping for the rest of your life.”
  • “Be prepared for arthritis – it’s really common with this kind of injuries.”
  • “There is a possibility of your talus bone dying off so you might need extra operations that could be successful or not.”

If you’ve ever been offered a similar prognosis, I don’t need to tell you how scary it is.

Fast forward a couple of months later…

I was super frustrated as regaining ankle mobility & flexibility turned out to be a ridiculously slow process.

As the cast was removed and I got the green light for physiotherapy, I thought my ankle would be back to normal in weeks…

…but there I was – a few months into my ‘recovery’ – still limping , in constant pain, and unable to make it up a flight of stairs.

That’s when I started worrying that the doctors might be right, after all. That the rock-climbing, exercising, the days out hiking with my then-fiancé would be nothing but a distant memory from then on.

And, while each and every doctor’s prediction seemed to be consistently bleak, deep down I just couldn’t accept it.

I just knew there must be a way to recover fully, no matter how depressing the doctors’ diagnosis.

That’s when I decided to take my recovery in my own hands…

And goodness, am I glad I refused to give up!

My refusal to accept what seemed like a lifetime sentence led me down a path of study & research that uncovered a revolutionary injury recovery method that allowed me to heal fully and quickly, and to return to my pre-accident life like nothing ever happened at all.

Despite all of what the doctors had told me:

I completely recovered, without having to suffer through endless pain or swelling – or worse, extra scary surgeries.
I proved all of my doctors wrong by avoiding each and every one of their bleak predictions,
I got back to walking, running, and moving without a single hint of pain (even when wearing high heels),
I’ve completed 2 long-distance triathlons with ZERO pain,
AND – I’ve helped countless women and men, like YOU, heal their bodies with ease no matter what the doctors’ predictions!

The Mindful Injury Recovery Method

The principle of my Mindful Injury Recovery Method is going beyond just the physical parts that are needed to support the body to heal itself.

The Mindful Injury Recovery Method approaches healing in a holistic way and combines all the aspects needed for the body to truly heal and start thriving.

In the process we go beyond just the physical, resolving things happening internally that are preventing your body from healing itself the way it’s capable of.

Because this is the key to truly heal completely and finally become free of the physical trauma.

11  random  things  about  me

#1  I always wanted to do triathlons, but I only did my first race after doctors told me I would limp for the rest of my life because of my ankle fracture.

#2  I’ve jumped out of an airplane 5 times, always with my husband, Jerry (he’s done over 7000 skydives), and every one of them was from a different aircraft (3 planes, 2 helicopters).

#3  I believe you can train cats.

#4  I truly believe that everything is possible.

#5  One of my favorite subjects at university was pathology (creepy truth: I loved opening the bodies, exploring them and finding out the cause of death).

#6  The best way to distract me is with a puppy. Or any small, cute dog, for that matter (I have a particular soft spot for whippets and miniature pinschers).

#7 … forget about the dogs – any kind of small, cute animal will do (piglets, kittens, rats, hedgehogs…)

#8  When I was a child I loved carrots so much that one day I ate so many my skin turned orange. My mum, of course, freaked out, thinking it was jaundice.

#9  I love scaring people but don’t really enjoy it when someone else does it to me.

#10  I’m a great snow-angel-person, but I’m pretty much useless on skis – hence the fact we live in the Carribean part of the world.

#11  I believe that gifts should be wrapped because it’s just weird to get a gift in a gift bag. Isn’t it?