Maya Novak

I work with injured women (and men) who find the recovery challenging, and I help them get through this with ease and positivity so they can start enjoying their lives again.

Hey beautiful, so great to finally meet you!

If you don’t know me yet, and you had an injury, chances are we’ll become BFFs.

I’m Maya Novak, an Injury Recovery Expert and Health Coach passionate about helping people like you flawlessly bounce back from their injuries.

Long story short…

On the 31st of October 2012 (yep, Halloween), I broke my right talus bone while rock climbing (neck/body fracture with dislocation) (read the whole story here).

Have you ever had a moment where you simply didn’t want to accept that something is really wrong with you?

That’s just how I was. I was certain it was only a bad sprain, and when the doctor told me I had broken the ankle, my world was (momentarily) shattered. I had so many plans for that summer (we lived in New Zealand at that time and in October, the temperatures were just getting nice and springy), but life had other ideas.

What I heard is that my fracture should have left me limping for the rest of my life but I decided this would not be my story. Since then, I’ve completed two long-distance triathlons and helped hundreds of people overcome their injuries and live the best-case scenario.

A little bit of ‘official’ background

I had a huge interest in psychology and was considering making it my career but love of animals eventually led me to Veterinary Medicine where I graduated in 2008.

A small country like Slovenia was saturated with freshly baked Doctors of Veterinary Medicine and wanting to be useful and start earning some money to cover my expenses, I said goodbye to working with animals.

The very next day after the graduation I started work as a sales rep, first in a company that was selling beauty products and a year later in a pharmaceutical company that gave me an insight into the industry of selling health solutions in bottles and pills.

After almost 4 years of working in the pharmaceutical industry, my (then future) husband Jerry got a job offer in New Zealand. We knew we wanted to travel and see the world, so I packed my suitcases and moved there with him in 2012. And the rest is history…

What I do

I help people like you recover positively.

Medical care and physiotherapy are essential, but there are areas rarely covered by doctors and physiotherapists that can make or break a recovery.

My approach is a combination of mindset, nutrition, and exercises, and because I went through the same process, I know I can offer you a lot in these areas.

The mission chose me and I’m truly grateful for the experience.

First of all, because it taught me a lot about myself. Second, because I suddenly had a lot of time to do all those things that I just kept putting off for ‘someday’. And finally, I’m grateful because the experience allows me to help YOU flawlessly bounce back from YOUR injury!

P.S.: A bit off topic but just in case – if you’re looking for a great cookbook with plant-based recipes, check out my cookbook 88 Kitchen Tales*.

How to start our BFF story

Love that you asked! This site is just the first step in overcoming the challenges you’re facing. Step two is to join my VIP list and become a part of my (extended) family – the magic really starts happening when we get to know each other on a deeper level.

To make the second step, submit your name and email address in the form below (don’t worry, I don’t like spam either!) and in return, I’m gonna send you the ebook Secrets To Best Recovery – Practices No One Talks About. (The tips in this ebook build on first-hand experience with injury and helping hundreds of clients – it’s for anyone who wants to create the best possible recovery and supercharge the healing process.)

My Philosophy

Pretty simple and effective when comes to healthy eating – Eat food that loves you back.

I’d been vegetarian since I was 15 so once I started studying nutrition (and especially seeing up close how the farming industry works during my studies), going completely vegan was just the logical next step. It’s great for the wellbeing of animals, awesome for the environment, and the more I learned about plant-based nutrition, the more certain I was that this diet, done right, is the one that allows the human body to function at its absolute best – provided you back it up with the right mindset.

Our thoughts affect our physical bodies and performance as much as the food does. Eating food that loves you back and setting yourself up for success is at the core of what I practice and teach.

My Mission

Through everything I share on this site, across social media, and through my mentoring programs, I’m determined to help you overcome the challenge of injury and get your life and light back.

And if you’re serious about your recovery like you are (or would be) about your business, then we have to meet! I’ll lay down a step-by-step map for you that will get you from frustration, hopelessness, and pain to the recovery goals you’re dreaming of. Exit here to recover mindfully >>

Want to know even more about me?

I’m happily married to the most incredible guy in the Universe – and you should definitely check out Jerry’s podcast The Plant-Based Entrepreneur Show. Otherwise, I’m a true health enthusiast, animal lover, writer and sometimes a blusher.

13 fun (and possibly weird) facts about me

#1  When I was a child I loved carrots so much that one day I ate so many my skin turned orange. My mum, of course, freaked out, thinking it was jaundice.

#2  I don’t believe you cannot train cats.

#3  I’ve jumped out of an airplane 5 times, always with my husband, Jerry (he’s done over 7000 skydives), and every one of them was from a different aircraft (3 planes, 2 helicopters).

#4  I always wanted to do triathlons, but I only did my first race after doctors told me I would limp for the rest of my life because of my ankle fracture.

#5  I truly believe that everything is possible.

#6  I was born in Slovenia, we’ve lived in New Zealand for 4 years, and now enjoying life with my husband Jerry in Mexico.

#7  The best way to distract me is with a puppy. Or any small, cute dog, for that matter (I have a particular soft spot for whippets and miniature pinschers).

#8 … forget about the dogs – any kind of small, cute animal will do (piglets, kittens, rats, hedgehogs…)

#9  I used to hate watermelons until about 3 years ago when I suddenly fell in love with them.

#10  One of my favorite subjects at university was pathology (creepy truth: I loved opening the bodies, exploring them and finding out the cause of death).

#11  I love scaring people, but hate it when someone else does it to me.

#12  I believe that gifts should be wrapped because it’s just weird to get a gift in a gift bag. Isn’t it?

#13  I’m a great snow-angel-person, but I’m pretty much useless on skis.

Official Bio

Maya Novak is a passionate Injury Recovery Expert and Health Coach with over a decade of experience in health, fitness, and nutrition. Born and raised in Slovenia, she lived in New Zealand for the last 4 years and is now enjoying life with her husband Jerry in Mexico.

Her devotion to helping others and a fracture that should have left her limping for the rest of her life led her to discover her true purpose in life.

Maya is also a writer and has authored several wellness books, including a cookbook entitled 88 Kitchen Tales*. Her mentoring programs, including Iron-Built Flexible Ankles, Guided Healing Meditations, Mindful Recovery – Heal From The Inside Out, and many others, have helped hundreds of people around the world.

She’s a Certified Health Educator and received extensive training from the Wellness Forum Institute for Health Studies on the effects of food on health and overall wellbeing. Combined with her study of veterinary medicine and experience as a fitness instructor, this creates a comprehensive foundation for her continuous research on how our body functions, but what ties it all together is her personal philosophy of how thoughts influence our reality.

A defining moment in her career was when an ankle fracture threatened to leave her limping for the rest of her life.

Armed with her knowledge, she created a system that allowed her to get back on her feet and go way beyond all doctors’ expectations, and today, a large part of Maya’s work involves 1-on-1 coaching with people determined to create the best possible recovery for themselves.

Her program offers personal support in the areas that can make or break a recovery but are rarely covered in the course of regular treatment. Things like maintaining a positive mindset and taking proper care of yourself at different stages of recovery, keeping the ego and fear at bay, eating foods that accelerate the healing process and knowing how to approach physical activity after an injury.

When she isn’t improving lives, Maya enjoys to travel and relax in saunas and spas. With an artistic side, she also has an avid interest in photography and theater. And as a Veterinary Doctor by degree and dedicated vegan, Maya absolutely loves animals of all kinds.

To find out more about Maya’s life-altering and health-conscious services, check the option below and start your recovery journey now.

* This is an affiliate link – purchasing through it won’t cost you extra, but I’ll receive a small percentage of the sale, which I’ll gratefully use to create more great content for you.

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